We’re giving that Asus ZenPad 8.0 to one lucky winner – could it be you?

It’s that time of the week. Or the month. Or something. Stuff goes to print today, so we’...[Read More]

Burning the very symbol of education by those who aspire to be educated is dishonourable

Long before the free-for-all of the internet’s vast troves of information, long before Wikiped...[Read More]

Here are your iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Watch 2 prices: mid-October is coming

It’s the moment you’ve all a whole bunch of you have been waiting for: local pricing for...[Read More]

From Silicon Valley to Valles Marineris: is humanity ready for Elon Musk’s Mars vision?

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has laid out plans for his aerospace company SpaceX to transport human beings...[Read More]

Light Start – BMW scooter, mini Famicom, Vivofit Jr, and CoD: MW Remastered

Yes, we would ride BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter. In public, too Normally we’re not...[Read More]

A MacBook Pro refresh could be scheduled for late October

Hey, you know what’s long overdue? A MacBook Pro update to go along with all of the lovely new...[Read More]

Xiaomi’s not done – here is the Xiaomi Mi 5s in all its brightly-lit glory

We really can’t conceal the fact that we’re oddly fond of Xiaomi’s smartphones ...[Read More]

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