Prince was king

Like most of the children of the 1980s, I grew up on the inspirational music and outrageous fashion ...[Read More]

BlackBerry’s next two Android phones seen in leaked images

BlackBerry has hinted that if its phones don’t find a strong audience in 2016, then it could b...[Read More]

It’s the year 2020…how’s your cybersecurity?

What if, in 2020, wearable devices did not care about how many steps you took, and instead were conc...[Read More]

Light Start – Hot sauce jet, home-grown hoverbike, DNA storage, and Alicia Vikander

GE has made a hot sauce and it’s going to make your head explode When you think of hot sauce y...[Read More]

Samsung is working on wireless standalone VR headsets

Samsung’s Gear VR is the ideal entry-level path to virtual reality, using select smartphones a...[Read More]

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