Inside the tech that makes ‘near-miss’ air collisions almost impossible

The sky is a crowded place. In June 2017, there were on average 33,000 flights every day over Europe...[Read More]

Video leak gives us a close look at Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S8 Active

There’s no denying that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous phone but that effect is achie...[Read More]

Nokia 8 is go for launch on 16 August

All of the leaks can’t be correct all of the time and that’s certainly the case with the...[Read More]

Artificial intelligence holds great potential for both students and teachers – but only if used wisely

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables Siri to recognise your question, Google to correct your spellin...[Read More]

The Porsche Design Huawei Watch 2 is the best-looking version of this smartwatch

What was it we were saying about Porsche Design putting its name on more things? This time around it...[Read More]

LG’s Q8 handset is all about screen and sound. Okay, and the camera

LG is doing what it always does and is making more affordable versions of their flagship smartphone ...[Read More]

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