Ranked: The 13 best Call of Duty games

It’s official: Call of Duty is going back to World War II, and we’ll get the full reveal...[Read More]

Everything, including new Sonic Forces footage, is trying to return us to the 90s

The mid-90s in South Africa were a heady time, especially if you were a kid. The country had just go...[Read More]

Elon Musk brings down the cost of space travel by (finally) reusing a SpaceX rocket

Late last month a South African did something that the entire world is not only awestruck by, but im...[Read More]

The Galaxy Note 7 returns to South Korea this June

It hasn’t been much of a secret that Samsung is bringing the Galaxy Note 7 back — the co...[Read More]

Police around the world learn to fight global-scale cybercrime

From 2009 to 2016, a cybercrime network called Avalanche grew into one of the world’s most sophistic...[Read More]

The Galaxy S8 is selling really, really well

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is selling really well — even before the handset is officially on-sa...[Read More]

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