The ultra-sleek ZenBook 3 is Asus’ attempt to dethrone the MacBook

Last year’s new MacBook has seemingly ushered in a new era of high-end laptops that also look ...[Read More]

Tesla Motors’ gargantuan Gigafactory will open on 29 July

Tesla Motors is already the highest-profile producer of electric cars, but the company is about to a...[Read More]

Promoted: Imagining South African Roads With Self-Driving Cars

Can you imagine a South Africa where the cars drive themselves? Well you should, because 2025 is the...[Read More]

The Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe is a cheaper flagship without antenna lines

Asus isn’t really known as a smartphone superpower, but each year the company is making stride...[Read More]

Google’s late response to Amazon Echo suggests the future is voice control and virtual reality

The recent Google I/O developer conference at which the company reveals its new products and directi...[Read More]

Light Start – Asus robot, Samsung advertising, BEAM expansion, and Mankind Divided

Asus’s Zenbo robot wants to stare into your soul – and do other things too Maybe you can...[Read More]

Wanna make games? Vega’s got a degree for that

Parental units saying you’re never going to amount to anything if you don’t stop playing...[Read More]

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