Aquila, Facebook’s solar-powered internet plane, has taken its first full flight

Facebook has long been experimenting with the idea of using solar-powered drones to deliver internet...[Read More]

A 360-degree trip inside the Apollo 11 command module

Wait, we used this thing to get humans to the moon? Seriously? Man, tech has come a long way since 1...[Read More]

And now, 12 minutes of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Black Sky mission

Going from the past to the future, it’s time to check out a solid 12 minutes of gameplay from ...[Read More]

Bill Gates: We have the bravery, passion and stamina to overcome the biggest of challenges

Microsoft founder Bill Gates may have made his billions making software but he will ultimately make ...[Read More]

Is internet freedom a tool for democracy or authoritarianism?

The irony of internet freedom was on full display shortly after midnight July 16 in Turkey when Pres...[Read More]

Light Start – New Titan X, Modobag, metal movies, and Apple’s car delayed

How much is too much for a GPU? Ask Nvidia’s new R17,000 Titan X Words? Who needs words when y...[Read More]

Telkom Mobile wants your money, and it might actually deserve it this time

Look out Vodacom, MTN and Cell C, Telkom wants your customers. And it might actually get them. The c...[Read More]

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