Star Wars fans can now indulge their obsessive behaviour while getting ripped

Can you tell what a geek looks like any more? Of course you can’t, it’s all acceptable n...[Read More]

Moona is a R5,000 pillow that stays at your preferred temperature

Happiness is the cool side of the pillow, as the twee little saying goes. But, like many cliches, th...[Read More]

How to back up your iPhone and iPad before you install iOS 11

So you’ve read the article about Stuff‘s favourite iOS 11 features. You’ve made excited noises...[Read More]

Artificial intelligence won’t replace a doctor any time soon, but it can help with diagnosis

In the next few years, you will probably have your first interaction with a medical artificial intel...[Read More]

Bye-bye Bixby – How to disable the one Galaxy S8 button that you never push intentionally

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is perhaps the best phone we’ve ever used but it does have at least ...[Read More]

Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: Should you upgrade?

With the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple finally gave us a compelling reason to pick the larger Plus-sized mode...[Read More]


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