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Craig is Stuff magazine's editor. He's provides tech analysis and commentary for TV stations like eNCA, CNBC Africa and BusinessDay TV, and radio stations like 702, CapeTalk, PowerFM, MetroFM and Classic FM. You can contact him at

Google Maps adds shareable lists to its repertoire

With its live traffic data, peer reviews and ability to save maps offline, Google Maps has long been our default digital cartography service. Now it’s gotten even better thanks to the addition of shareable lists. From today, users can search for favourite spots on the Android or iOS versions of Google Maps, hit the “save” button, and add them to a selection of pre-defined lists, ...[Read More]

Wireless charging for the next iPhone looks very likely indeed

You know what’s even more fun for Apple’s bottomline than selling Lightning cables and the plethora of stands and related accessories that use them? Selling wireless charging mats, stands and furniture that could make a replacement cable look like a bargain basement steal. See, Apple’s joined the Wireless Power Consortium, the same group that’s responsible for the Qi wirele...[Read More]

Stuff’s Gadget and App Award winners are…

Here at Stuff Towers we spend an inordinate amount of time fiddling with gadgets, apps, robot vacuum cleaners, IP cameras, action cameras, regular cameras, and anything else we can get our mitts on. The downside of this is trying to keep track of the batteries and cables that come with them, the upshot is you get the distilled knowledge gleaned from our collective experience and the many hours spe...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 01 – CES, Mario and Ts&Cs

“Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?” Not only is it the title of Irish band The Cranberries’ debut album, but it’s our answer when people ask us about Stuffed, our new 20-minute podcast wrapping up the week’s tech and gadget news. In this, the first episode, Stuff publisher and editor-in-chief Toby Shapshak and Stuff editor Craig Wilson reflect on CES ...[Read More]

Blue Ocean VR opens ‘VR Experience Centre’ in Joburg

South Africans wanting to try out a fancier virtual reality (VR) experience than the one offered by sticking a smartphone in a cardboard headset (or the somewhat slicker Samsung Gear VR headset) have largely been out of luck to date. But a new company called Blue Ocean VR wants to offer consumers the chance to try out the HTC Vive in its “Virtual Reality Experience Centre” in Bedfordvi...[Read More]

Vodacom zero rates basic Facebook use, but beware the Ts&Cs

Ask those who like to go commando in short shorts, anyone on the receiving end of American cultural imperialism, or economists, and they’ll tell you, freedom always comes at a price. Ultimately, there’s no such thing as free, and Vodacom’s new Facebook Flex offering is no exception. The deal is this: Vodacom’s making basic Facebook use free. And we do mean basic. Users who ...[Read More]

What you need to know about the Nintendo Switch

Last October we got confirmation from Nintendo that its portable/console gaming machine the Switch would be coming to market, having endured more than a year of teasers and hints, all of which were pretty light on details. Now we’ve got most of the important ones, like when we can get our mitts on it, what it’ll cost, how it’ll actually work and which titles we can expect at laun...[Read More]

Samsung’s ambitious plan to own the audio business

About half an hour north-west of Los Angeles, in a nondescript industrial park a few blocks from a Six Flags theme park with its roller coasters leaping above the horizon, lies a Samsung Research America office dedicated to audio gear. Home to 21 employees with combined experience in the industry totalling more than 300 years, and housing some of the most advanced audio testing equipment on earth,...[Read More]

The 10 most important gadgets from CES 2017

The dust has settled, the bins of discarded carrier bags and 2GB flash sticks have been emptied and the punters are heading home. That’s right, another CES event has come and gone. We’ve taken a look at five of the coolest (and five of the silliest) offerings to come out of it, but this is the TL;DR version: the 10 most important things that graced the Las Vegas halls and had techies s...[Read More]

Five of the silliest things at CES 2017

Stuff‘s second law of trade show dynamics states that for every awesome and deeply desirable bit of kit unveiled there must be an opposite and equally ludicrous or superfluous piece of gear launched. As a complement to our selection of five of the coolest things to come out of CES 2017, herewith a list of five of the worst. Next Bottle There are a whole lot of “smart” water bottl...[Read More]

Five of the coolest things at CES 2017

Whenever you have a trade show the size of CES there’s going to be a mix of incredibly cool and incredibly ridiculous wares on display. From the big-name, hyped up launches like Samsung QLED TVs and LG’s new Wallpaper flagship goggle box, to companies you’ve never heard of making things you didn’t even know you needed, this year’s CES has been no exception. We’v...[Read More]

Samsung gaming laptops and AV gear are its most exciting CES releases

Samsung had a pretty rough 2016. Exploding phones and costly recalls will do that to a company. At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the company is doing its best to talk up its new TVs, laptops, audio gear and home appliances. New phones? We’ll have to wait until Mobile World Congress later this quarter for those. Until then, it’s the new laptops and audio gear that are meant to be ...[Read More]

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