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Craig is Stuff magazine's editor. He's provides tech analysis and commentary for TV stations like eNCA, CNBC Africa and BusinessDay TV, and radio stations like 702, CapeTalk, PowerFM, MetroFM and Classic FM. You can contact him at

Local pricing and availability for Nokia 5 and 6 confirmed

HMD Global, the company that’s resurrected the Nokia marque, has confirmed that the Nokia 5 will go on sale in South Africa on 28 June 2017 at a recommended retail price of R3,000. The Nokia 6 will follow in late July and cost R3,700. The Nokia 3 went on sale locally on 7 June for R2,000. While it’s the revamped Nokia 3310 that’s been grabbing headlines, we’re far more exci...[Read More]

Showmax has started creating its own content

Netflix does it, Amazon Prime Video does it, and now homegrown video-on-demand service Showmax does it, too. What is it? Why original content, of course, under the self-explanatory banner of Showmax Originals. It’s first production? A mockumentary series starring Julia Anastasopoulos of SuzelleDIY fame. The series will consist of eight, 20-minute episodes that’ll go live on Showmax in ...[Read More]

FNB brings vehicle management to its app

FNB has added a new feature to its mobile banking app called Nav Car (or nav» Car, to use its nomenclature) that lets consumers manage and monitor the vehicles they own. If the vehicles are financed through WesBank users can also view details about vehicle values, repayments and get valuations. Perhaps the most basic, and most helpful, feature is the option to add your car licence, get reminders w...[Read More]

The best bits (and bobs) of iOS 11

When updates to iPhones and iPads are big, you can see them immediately. A thinner bezel here, an extra camera there. But when iOS gets major improvements (and it doesn’t at every WWDC) they’re tougher to spot. With iOS 11 Apple’s basically given its mobile operating system the equivalent of an edge-to-edge display and impossibly thin chassis. All you really need to know is that,...[Read More]

Apple’s HomePod may be South Africa’s best smart speaker option

The rumours told us a speaker was coming, and as usual, they were spot on. Called the HomePod, Apple’s promising Alexa-like speech recognition, but with Sonos-grade sound. It’s also the centre of Apple’s envisioned connected home and a way to get us all using Siri more. But more importantly for South African consumers, it’s a smart speaker we might actually get here. Given ...[Read More]

What you need to know about macOS High Sierra

One of the things you can bank on from Apple’s annual WWDC event is that its operating systems will get an update. This year is no different, and there are a slew of changes coming to the company’s desktop and laptop OS. The new version is called macOS High Sierra, and if you’re a developer (or a keen enthusiast) you can download it today from Apple’s Developer website. The...[Read More]

The iMac Pro is Apple’s most beastly Mac ever

iMac users have been waiting for an update to their beloved all-in-one, and boy did Apple deliver at WWDC 2017. Cupertino’s first new desktop computer since 2009, the iMac Pro, is an unadulterated, no-holds-barred beast of a machine that should make professional video and graphics users salivate like puppies in a butchery. Spec options include a 5K display, an all-new AMD Radeon Vega graphic...[Read More]

Kaspersky wants to ensure connected cars can’t be compromised

A growing number of modern cars come with some sort of connectivity, from GPS to SIM cards for concierge services and communications. Features like remote diagnostics, telematics and infotainment rely on communications between vehicles and manufacturer’s cloud services. And self-driving cars will connect not just to brand-specific infrastructure, but in all likelihood to one another. Which i...[Read More]

Can you ever be sure your connected kit is really secure?

Assuming you’re a regular reader of this or other technology news sites your kneejerk reaction to this headline should be “nope”. That’s a good instinct. Because just as new hardware tends to outpace the legislation that governs it, the people and companies behind that hardware tend to prioritise features, functions and time to market over security. With the pace of innovation and the potential pe...[Read More]

Grow your own greens with Homefarm

Ever dreamed of a compact, app-controlled, hydroponics system you can use to grow your own greens (no, not that sort) at home? No? Just us then? Well, our dreams might just become a reality if local startup Homefarm can raise the fund it needs to bring its product to market. Homefarm is hosting its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (it runs until 17 June 2017), and aims to raise $40,000. While th...[Read More]

Liberty introduces Stash, a tax-free investment app for your spare change

Insurance and investment company Liberty has launched a new app called Stash aimed at getting South Africans to invest and take advantage of Treasury’s generosity when it comes to tax-free investments. The app allows users to link any credit, debit or cheque card from any of South Africa’s major banks (with the exception of Capitec) to it. When users transact with the linked card the t...[Read More]

WeThinkCode gets a R60m injection from BCX

WeThinkCode, the Joburg-based coding school that wants to address South Africa’s coder shortage and help youngsters to find gainful employment, has received a R60 million investment from Telkom-owned BCX. The funds, which will be provided over three years, will be used to grow WeThinkCode’s Johannesburg office and enable it to open a new campus in Cape Town later this year. As part of ...[Read More]

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