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Stuff South Africa's online editor and print assistant editor, Brett Venter has churned out more words on more titles than most journalists will in a career. He's kind of shy.

Now let us tell you about this Bluetooth-connected fidget spinner…

Like the Gremlins, one day there was nothing and then suddenly they were everywhere. No it’s not a vermin infestation, it’s the fidget spinner craze that seems to have popped up out of nowhere. Now normally Stuff wouldn’t be anywhere near something like this but someone’s gone and decided to add Bluetooth to one of these pointless rotating toys. So… Meet the BlueSpin....[Read More]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to be the most expensive Galaxy yet

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is on the way, hard, and if current reports are on the er… money, then the Note 8 is going to be hitting your wallet the same way — hard. A VentureBeat report by noted smartphone leaker Evan Blass claims that Samsung is going to be launching a 6.3in Galaxy Note 8 and that it’s going to be the most expensive phone the company has ever made — a w...[Read More]

Light Start — SpaceX’s double, Gmail de-scanned, a new Leaf, and CoD: MW is on

SpaceX, bored with single landings, is now doing two at a time  Okay, so ‘two at a time’ might be stretching things a little but SpaceX is turning up the impressiveness by pulling off multiple rocket landings this past weekend. The company successfully landed two rockets, the first being one of the company’s previously used Falcon 9 boosters which launched and landed successfully...[Read More]

Standalone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered could launch next week

Remember last year, when the only way that you would get to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered was to get the right edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Yeah, about that… A series of leaks from the States claims that a standalone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is on the way, going so far as to give the street date for the release — 27 June. That̵...[Read More]

Expect to see Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 reveal as soon as August

Samsung’s had one heck of a time in the past year, with the mostly successful Galaxy S8 signifying the company’s way past the flaming heap of scrap that was 2016. But it is the to-be-launched Galaxy Note 8 that will prove to be the final hurdle for the company and it seems to be one that it would like to clear as soon as possible — which could well be why we’re getting repo...[Read More]

The LG G6+ is the flagship the company should have released first

If you haven’t made your mind up in the 2017 smartphone awards just yet then you may want to hold your horses. The newly-announced LG G6+ is on its way and it’s set to be the phone that LG should have released the first time around. The LG G6+ is (obviously) an upgrade on the G6. The specs aren’t in for a major bump in terms of processor and RAM — those aren’t going t...[Read More]

A brief visit to the ICON Comics & Games Convention 2017

This past weekend turned into an unexpected journey for Stuff, who paid a visit (for the very first time) to ICON 2017, an event which took place at Gallagher Convention Centre over three days on this long weekend. At this point many of you may be going “ICON who?” The ICON Comics and Games Convention is a long-running celebration (the event is in its 25th year, making it older than ma...[Read More]

We’re giving a set of tickets to the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition to this person…

The good news is that all of the folks who entered for a shot at a set of double tickets to the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition, currently open at Centurion Mall, know their Transformers. Nary a one missed out on answering the completely pointless Bonus Question (and at least one of you supports the Decepticons). More than a few entrants are also completely snarky. Keep it up. Sadly snark doe...[Read More]

Going to Cybertron means going just as far as Centurion Mall

The Transformers are just for kids and Michael Bay, right? Right? Of course not, the Transformers film franchise isn’t making massive amounts of money because youngsters are clamouring to see them. It’s because parents can pretend that the kids are super-keen and then sit through three hours of explosions, guilt-free. Seriously, though, there’s an almost Star Wars-like fanaticism...[Read More]

In the June 2017 issue of Stuff Magazine

That’s right folks, it’s that time again. If you haven’t planted them by now, then you’re going to have to… wait, what? That’s a completely different magazine. This, on the other hand, is Stuff Magazine, the June 2017 issue to be exact, and we’re going to be setting you up for the coming winter with our hot lineup of er… stuff. There will be no plant...[Read More]

Light Start – Pirate Samsung, smarter photos, falling Switches, and Payback

You’ll always remember this as the day that you almost… bought a Galaxy S8? If you eat, sleep, and breathe Pirates of the Caribbean you’re probably a Disney executive. If not, then you’re probably the type who would get their hands on this limited edition Samsung Galaxy S8, which has been themed around the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film. Loosely. That’s because ...[Read More]

Cheaper mobile gaming: We take a closer look at Nintendo’s upcoming 2DS XL

Nintendo announced, a month back, that they would be launching yet another iteration of their 3DS mobile games console. Joining the 3DS, the 2DS, the New 3DS, and the 3DS XL will be the 2DS XL, a handheld that looks set to make up for the faults that the 2DS was saddled with. The handheld console is going to make its debut at the end of July this year but we managed to get our hands on a prototype...[Read More]

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