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Meet the S9300: A mighty eye-catching 65″ Skyworth OLED TV

OLED, an acronym you’ve probably heard before in reference to the highest-grade television sets on the market, has become important to home entertainment lovers. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, with “organic” referring to the carbon film inside the panel before that of the glass screen. Unlike other TV enterprises which were sitting on the fence years ago, Skyworth ...[Read More]

Quality is king with Canon’s EOS 800D DSLR

Canon’s EOS 800D combines leading imaging technologies, including a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 processor, which makes it the perfect camera to start your DSLR journey with. Quality, detail and speed With the same sensor technology found in the iconic EOS 80D and Canon’s latest processor – DIGIC 7 – this camera captures scenes in impressive quality, with richer detail, while being...[Read More]

Skyworth Cast TV – Cast your favourite content from your smart device directly to your Cast TV

Developed by Skyworth with Google ECO system, the Cast TV plays HD, FHD and 4K television shows or home audio systems by directly streaming through Wi-Fi connections or a local network. Any of the 1000+ Cast-enabled apps, 200000+ TV shows and movies, 30000000+ songs available on Google Chromecast can be enjoyed with the all-new Skyworth Cast TV. You can use your mobile device to stream your favour...[Read More]

What a payment gateway is and what it means for tech trend followers

According to a recent eCommerce industry report, 58% of South African online shoppers indicated that they would prefer to pay with a credit or debit card. In the survey, consumers also revealed that a trustworthy payment method would encourage them to do more shopping online. If you’re starting a web-based store or looking to expand your traditional business online, you should offer your cus...[Read More]

7 ways ShowMax is built for South Africa

From downloads to bandwidth capping, ShowMax is designed with the South African audience in mind. Launched little over a year ago, ShowMax internet TV has built up the largest collection of online entertainment on the continent and introduced a range of features to deal with some of the biggest concerns about streaming: expensive data and unreliable internet. Here’s how ShowMax, which costs R99 a ...[Read More]

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