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25 secret WhatsApp tricks you (probably) didn’t know about

There are over a billion WhatsApp users worldwide right now. The bad news? Your mom has already found her new favourite way to spam you. The good news? You can easily avoid her on the down-low, and that’s just one of the messaging service’s many secret tips you probably don’t know about. From disabling its ‘last seen’ feature to bookmarking messages you don’t want to forget about, there are loads ...[Read More]



Farpoint – The closest you’ll ever get to being a space marine

At some point, when playing Farpoint on PlayStation VR, you’ll experience the moment. It could be the first time an alien spider-thing flings itself at your face, or when you’re cowering behind rocks while hostile flying robots fire missiles at you, or simply when you emerge from a dusty tunnel into a graveyard of rusted star cruisers. But one way or another, it’ll definitely hap...[Read More]

Destiny 2: Everything we know so far

Bungie has always said it has a 10-year-plan for Destiny, and now in year three, we have a better sense of where the shooter sensation is headed next. The Destiny 2 full game will be released this September, expanding the Destiny experience with plenty of new worlds, fresh gameplay elements, and more customisation options than ever. It’s the biggest overhaul of the MMO-cum-FPS since the rele...[Read More]



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Sony Xperia XZ Premium – Eye-popping specs aren’t enough to lift Sony’s latest into the top tier

Ever wanted to go to a restaurant and ask for everything on the menu? The burger, the seafood, the chicken, and the ribs? Tell them it’s your birthday, when it’s actually just a Wednesday? This sort of excess is what the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is about. It has a 4K HDR screen, one of the fastest phone processors currently available, 64GB storage and a 19MP camera. The only downside, other than the...[Read More]

Google’s building its own smartphone-free Daydream VR headsets

VR’s great, but it always needs either a really expensive PC or games console, or your own smartphone. You know, the one with the iffy battery life and the cracked screen. Well not any more. Google’s decided it’s removing the phone part of the equation entirely, announcing at Google I/O 2017 that it’s building bespoke headsets that incorporate all its VR tech into one porta...[Read More]

8 new features Android O will bring to your phone

The age of Nougat is over. Google has officially unveiled its new Android O operating system for smartphones and tablets at its I/O conference. Right now, Android O really is meant for developers to start learning from and improving their apps. That means you can download its beta incarnation to an array of Google’s own devices, including the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and...[Read More]

8 things you need to know about the HTC U11

HTC loves a gimmick for its flagships. Whether it’s putting massive ‘Ultrapixels’ in its camera, or cramming in two screens on the front, it’s always trying to cook up that special sauce which will make its phones irresistibly tasty. Does the new HTC U11 have that special sauce? Well it’s squeezable. And it has two voice assistants inside it. So that’s a good st...[Read More]



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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — Nintendo’s best ever racer powerslides onto Switch

There are two types of people in the world: those who’ve played Mario Kart 8 already and those who have not. If you belong to the former group, then take pity on the latter. For they have never conquered Mount Wario, been chilled to the bone by Luigi’s ‘death stare’ and seen first place smashed away from them by an ill-timed blue shell. OK. Life is a little more complicated than that: some people ...[Read More]

The 10 best Nintendo Switch games – Got Nintendo’s latest? Then you’ll want to play the greatest

Before the Nintendo Switch came out, we all wondered whether there would be enough to play on it in the early months. Then we played Zelda and stopped caring what else was coming. But there’s more than just the astonishing Breath of the Wild to enjoy on Nintendo’s home-or-handheld device, and thanks to a mix of ports and sterling new indie games, the Switch has a rather appealing lineu...[Read More]

The first 12 things you should do with your new LG G6

Look out, world – LG is back in the phone game, and it means business. The G6 is the antidote to the modular madness that was last year’s G5, and it’s looking like one of the best flagship phones you can snap up right now. With Android 7.0 Nougat running the show, and the latest version of LG’s own UX 6.0 making the most of that eye-catching 18:9 display, there’s plenty of tweaks, toggles an...[Read More]



Prey — You’ll never look at a cup of coffee the same way again

Those facehuggers from the Alien films – pretty scary, right? Now imagine that when they’re not only trying to jam tentacles down your throat, but they’re camouflaged as the innocuous-looking office chair you’re sitting on, too. Or the simple coffee cup you’re drinking out of. Or literally any other object in the room. That’s what makes Prey‘s mimics, vici...[Read More]



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GoPro Karma — Doesn’t quite hit the stratospheric heights of its rivals

GoPro’s Karma must have flown into a few mirrors as it left the factory in 2016, as a battery disconnect issue among early models led to a full product recall in November of that year. It was a bad time for the action cam maker, but after some reworking its debut drone is back. Unfortunately for GoPro, its competitors haven’t stood still, and the likes of DJI’s Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro models...[Read More]

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