The recent spate of hacked websites is a reminder that you need to protect your online security more than ever

All 3bn of Yahoo’s accounts were hacked in 2013, the search giant revealed last week, triple the previously stated 1bn, making it the biggest data breach so far. This followed the staggering hack of US credit agency Equifax last month, exposing the personal details of 145.5m Americans, including their credit cards details and social security numbers. It’s a stupendously big deal and confirms...[Read More]

Zipline’s blood deliveries by drone shows how such innovation needs support to succeed

In a small hospital in Rwanda, a 24-year-old mother gave birth but immediately afterwards started bleeding with what doctors call postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). In thousands of case like this every year across Africa, this drastic condition often results in the mother’s death when rural clinics or hospitals don’t have enough blood to stabilise a bleeding patient. But in this case, a remarkabl...[Read More]

Revelations about KPMG complicity in Gupta looting has brought out the best in South African social media

Last week a massive fight broke out on Twitter. To the (relatively) small portion of the internet that watched it, it was a thing of beauty. During one of those odd “engagement” exercises people use to drum up Twitter traffic, someone tweeted during a #AskaCurator event to London’s The Natural History Museum: “Who would win in a staff battle between @sciencemuseum and @NHM_...[Read More]

The cost of solar fell 95% in 30 years so why do we still build old fashioned power plants?

To say Amar Inamdar has a vision is an understatement. The soft-spoken, steely-eyed Inamdar wants to see everyone in Africa get electricity, and runs a $100m fund to do just that. But not Eskom, coal-fired conventional energy. Through his KawiSafi Ventures, he is trying to bring solar energy to East Africa and his quiet confidence shows he’s already making progress. “There is a revolut...[Read More]

Never mind the iPhone X – what about the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus?

Apple’s iPhone 8 will almost certainly be unveiled this evening – except now, the rumour mill swears it’ll actually be called the iPhone X. In any case, Apple is expected to have completely overhauled its new flagship handset, giving it a massive upgrade after three nearly-identical handsets. But it’s also expected to cost a lot more money than your usual iPhone – possibly ...[Read More]

Want to be the first to see Apple’s new iPhone(s)? Here’s how to do that

Today is Apple Day around the Stuff offices, a day that deserves the capital letters. We’ve been watching Apple and its suppliers since… well, since last year September for hints as to what the newest iPhone (or iPhones, in this case) will entail. So we’re going to be glued to Apple’s presentation this evening, which will start at 10AM Pacific Standard Time. That’s a ...[Read More]

The only safe email is text-only email

It’s troubling to think that at any moment you might open an email that looks like it comes from your employer, a relative or your bank, only to fall for a phishing scam. Any one of the endless stream of innocent-looking emails you receive throughout the day could be trying to con you into handing over your login credentials and give criminals control of your confidential data or your identity. Mo...[Read More]

Why social media apps should be in your disaster kit

With floodwaters at four feet and rising, a family in Houston, Texas abandoned their possessions and scrambled to their roof during Hurricane Harvey to sit with their pets and await rescue. Unable to reach first responders through 911 and with no one visible nearby, they used their cellphones to send out a call for help through a social media application called Nextdoor. Within an hour a neighbor ...[Read More]

Light Start – Type-R lawnmower, an ancient Merc, the new iPhone, and space couture

Meet Honda’s Miimo Type-R lawnmower — for when you need to get it done quick Why is it always Honda with the weird lawnmowers? We’ve seen the souped-up riding mower that can destroy your BMW at the intersection and now there’s a little autonomous mower that owes something of its DNA to the Honda R-Type. And the Honda Fireblade, as there are two special-edition prototypes of...[Read More]

Skyworth showcases full-line intelligent household appliances at IFA 2017

IFA 2017, one of the world’s three largest trade shows for consumer electronics, opened in Berlin, Germany on September 1st. During this year’s IFA, Skyworth revealed its full line of smart household appliances with the aim of showcasing its achievements and enhanced presence in the smart home market. Skyworth displayed its leading products across TV, refrigerator and washing machines, air conditi...[Read More]

5 things we love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – and 3 we don’t

After last year’s flaming debacle that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’re pleased to confirm that the Galaxy Note 8 is here – and it’s rather excellent. Granted, it took some time for the problem to emerge last year, but we’re hopeful that the Note 8 will survive for the long haul and reestablish Samsung’s stylus-centric, super-sized smartphone line. But the G...[Read More]

Technology is not enough to create connected cities – here’s why

The United Nations (UN) estimates that by 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities. This creates an unprecedented pressure on cities around the world to optimise the standard of living for citizens, organisations and institutions. Cities such as Dubai, Singapore, Yinchuan and Copenhagen are experimenting with new technology and digital services to target specific problems that affec...[Read More]

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