12 Nokia phones that changed the world (and 9 crazy ones)

Nokia is back. Like a phoenix from the ashes, the once iconic phone-maker is set to return at this year’s Mobile World Congress show – and rumour has it, will be bringing an updated 3310 along too. We’ve got fond memories of that phone (good luck beating our Snake high score, people) but it got us thinking – Nokia regularly shifted the gadget-time continuum with its crazy c...[Read More]

Light Start – Flaming drones, SpaceX lands, YouTube ads, and Mass Effect Andromeda

Well that’s one way to get stuff off a power line… Call us old fashioned but we like to see drones doing things the old way — taking photos and shooting video, terrifying pets and neighbours, and occasionally crashing because the pilot’s a doofus. A drone sporting its own flamethrower, though… that’s something that belongs in the category of military drones whic...[Read More]

Hans Rosling brought statistics alive, as he showed us how far humanity has come

“There’s nothing boring about statistics, especially not today, when we can make the data sing,” the great Hans Rosling once said. And sing they did. Rosling – who died from pancreatic cancer last week aged 68 – was more than a mere statistician, he was that rare kind of genius who could explain the most complex subjects and make them engaging for most. The Swedish professor called himself an “edu...[Read More]

The design tricks that made the Nokia 3310 world-beating

The Nokia 3310 mobile phone has near iconic status. Released in 2000, it is among the best-selling phones of all time, with 126m units produced. It was renowned for being virtually indestructible and for launching many of us onto the first rung of our connected lifestyles. Many people in their 30s and upwards remember it as the first cool phone they owned, or the phone their friends had that made ...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Everything we know so far

Tablets might not be as in demand as they used to be, but that’s not going to stop Samsung from giving it the old college try. Android fans have really only had one choice if they wanted something to rival Apple’s iPad – the Galaxy Tab S2. Now that the iPad Pro has arrived, though, Samsung needs a new weapon to stop everyone jumping ship to iOS. Enter the Galaxy Tab S3. It’...[Read More]

Five ways nanoscience is making science fiction into fact

Russian author Boris Zhitkov wrote the 1931 short story Microhands, in which the narrator creates miniature hands to carry out intricate surgeries. And while that was nearly 100 years ago, the tale illustrates the real fundamentals of the nanoscience researchers are working on today. Nanoscience is the study of molecules that are one billionth of a metre in size. To put this into perspective, a hu...[Read More]

Coming to MWC 2017: The Nokia 3310?

What year is this?! Actually, it’s 2017 but you might be forgiven for thinking that we’ve travelled back in time. The Nokia 3310 might be heading back onto the market, if recent rumours are to be believed. Evan Blass, the fellow behind @evleaks, claims that the Nokia 3310 will be making an appearance at MWC 2017. Of a sort. It won’t, of course, be taking the exact same form of th...[Read More]

5 things you need to know about the Canon EOS 800D

Two years is a long time in camera world, but that’s how long it’s been since Canon announced our then favourite beginner DSLR – the 750D. Since 2015, a whole army of mirrorless cameras have stormed the entry-level barracks and become our picks for anyone looking for ‘my first proper camera’. Not that DSLRs are giving up the fight. The Canon 750D is still going to be available for bargain-hunters,...[Read More]

Should cybersecurity be a human right?

Having access to the internet is increasingly considered to be an emerging human right. International organizations and national governments have begun to formally recognize its importance to freedom of speech, expression and information exchange. The next step to help ensure some measure of cyber peace online may be for cybersecurity to be recognized as a human right, too. The United Nations has ...[Read More]

BlackBerry Mercury: Everything we know so far

BlackBerry was famously blindsided by the industry’s move to touch devices, but following a few rough years and some missteps, the company finally seems to be finding its mojo – thanks to Android. The BlackBerry Priv was largely excellent, but the high price kept it out of reach for most. The touchscreen-only DTEK50 and DTEK60 weren’t quite as inspiring, but the upcoming Mercury could ...[Read More]

Robot bees vs real bees – why tiny drones can’t compete with the real thing

The latest service to be revolutionised by drones might not be package delivery or internet connections but the far more valuable service of pollination. Researchers in Japan have been exploring the potential of using miniature drones covered with sticky hairs to act like robotic bees to counter the decline of natural pollinators. Writing in a paper in the journal Chem, the team demonstrated their...[Read More]

5 reasons to be excited about Project CARS 2

The original Project CARS was a sim-racer’s delight, and Slightly Mad Studios didn’t wait long to continue work on the franchise, announcing a sequel mere weeks after the debut’s release. And now we’ve seen the fruits of its labour, as Slightly Mad and publisher Bandai Namco announced that Project CARS 2 will release in late 2017. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox On...[Read More]

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