Hands-on with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 – Something to prove

Samsung has finally revealed the Galaxy S8, as well as its bigger, beefier brother the S8+, and it really had to turn the knob up to eleven and then break it off to make up for the events of 2016. We’ve had some time to actually handle the phone and we’re able to conclude that Samsung has probably achieved what they’ve set out to do. Most of our being is crying out for this hands...[Read More]

11 things you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

It’s here! Or rather, they’re here, because (as expected) the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in two forms. They’re both rather lovely, and packed with new tech guaranteed to leave fans salivating. We’ve got all the details you need to know about them here. 1) THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS The whole every-flagship-comes-in-two-versions thing reaches ridiculous heights with the S8 – literally. The standard ...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+: Pricing and local availability

This is it. The moment Samsung and its fans have been waiting for. The latest flagship Galaxy phones are here. As rumours suggested, there are two models, the S8 and the larger S8+, and as you’d expect from a pair of devices intended to silence critics and reassure the faithful, they look downright amazing. When and how much? First up, the really important bits. Both of the new handsets will...[Read More]

Want to watch tonight’s Galaxy Unpacked event? Here’s how, wherever you are

The day has arrived. Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event, which saw the company take a hit, coverage wise, during Mobile World Congress in order to dominate the headlines with the Galaxy S8 this March, is mere hours away. We’re going to be there, both at a South African even as well as live in New York (hey, those microseconds between tweets count), and you can be too. In a manner of ...[Read More]

What to expect from tonight’s Samsung Galaxy S8 event

Although the explosive demise of the Galaxy Note 7 still lingers in everyone’s minds, Samsung is ready to turn the page and unveil the hotly anticipated Galaxy S8 this week. As usual, the rumour mill has been in overdrive in recent weeks, and we’ve seen an array of pristine renders that match Samsung’s own marketing teases, plus there’s a nice stack of specs and rumours tha...[Read More]

How to make an Internet of Intelligent Things work for Africa

Late in 2016 Senegal’s Banque Regionale De Marches announced the launch of the eCFA Franc; a cryptocurrency for the countries of the West African Monetary Union – Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Togo and Guinea-Bissau. This and similar innovations mark the coming of age of a new generation of applications – an Internet of Intelligent Things – that could provide a new infr...[Read More]

Get yourself one of 8 Man-Sized movie tickets, courtesy of Ster-Kinekor

Right, so, it’s Man-Sized Month. That’s something that Ster-Kinekor told us and the moment they did, our collective voices dropped a register and we all grew beards. Except Michelle, who isn’t affected by testosterone, and Craig, who’s trying to quit and become a vegetarian (long story). Ster-Kinekor also told us that they had a set of eight tickets to give away for Man-Siz...[Read More]

The Galaxy Note 7 is coming back. Sort of. Regulator pending

So Samsung is going to be bringing the Galaxy Note 7 back. Not the Note 7 handsets that they haven’t given the once-over yet, those are still in line for digital execution. No, Samsung has to do something with the estimated 4.3 million handsets that were pulled from the market last year. Part of that process will entail breaking down some of the handsets for components and metals, meaning th...[Read More]

6 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 must do to reclaim the smartphone top spot

There’s a new smartphone in town – and it’s called the Galaxy S8. Or, at least, it will be when it launches very, very soon. Chief rival to the iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S-series handsets have long been front-runners in the race for smartphone supremacy, with stacks of power and ahead-of-the-curve features, such as the Edge display. With this latest iteration, though, Samsung will need to pul...[Read More]

Star Trek’s Holodeck: from science fiction to a new reality

Many of the technological advances predicted in Star Trek’s fictional universe have become reality, such as the mobile communicator and hand-held tablet computers. Others, such as tractor beams and warp drives, are still a work in progress. But what of the Holodeck? The Holodeck first appeared in The Practical Joker, a 1974 episode of the Star Trek animated series. It was depicted as a recreation ...[Read More]

Samsung will be remotely killing off the last Galaxy Note 7 phones this month

Samsung is going to be killing off the last remaining Galaxy Note 7 handsets left in the wild and they’re going to be doing it by completely disabling the Note 7’s charging functions. They’ll be doing this by way of a software update, in the same way that the phone’s charging capabilities were limited while last year’s recall was ongoing. At least, that’s the wo...[Read More]

5 reasons to be excited about Gran Turismo Sport

Since its inception, Gran Turismo has been the racing game to beat. Or should that be ‘racing simulation’? See, while other titles might have offered more action, better damage and greater excitement, none could beat GT to the line when it came to true-to-life racing recreation. News in 2015, then, that Gran Turismo would be returning as Gran Turismo Sport was, perhaps predictably, met with great ...[Read More]

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