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Expect to see Razer’s first smartphone on 1 November

Razer, the makers of neon green and black gaming peripherals, have got what looks an awful lot like a smartphone on the horizon. At least, that’s the impression we’re getting from the header image for what the company is calling their “biggest unveiling”. It looks an awful lot like a fellow playing games in the dark on a cellphone to us. Plus, you know, other evidence. We&#...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Stranger Things: The Game

Anyone who lived through the 1980s may remember you couldn’t enter any stores (or arcades) without being bombarded with movie tie-in products, including (frequently horrible) video games. Now, as Stranger Things gears up for its second series on Netflix (27 October, horror fans), Stranger Things: The Game is here. Just as the TV show hurled you back to the halcyon days of the 1980s, this game offe...[Read More]

Stuff Gadget Awards 2017: Vote for the Game of the Year

Goodness, would you look at the time? It’s just about time for the Stuff Magazine Gadget Awards 2017, which means that the year is almost freaking over. Already. But before you start daydreaming about your holiday at the beach (or wherever you like to spend your time away from work), we’re hoping that you’ll take some time out of your work-day to help us with the Gadget Awards. Y...[Read More]

FIFA 18 vs PES 2018: Which should you buy?

Most people are almost as loyal to their football game of choice as they are to the team they support. But what if Cristiano Ronaldo’s face peering out from the cover has put you off FIFA 18? Or you fancy seeing whether Pro Evo really has recaptured its glory days gone by? We’ve put both games head-to-head in a battle for soccer supremacy. Man City vs Chelsea’s got nothing on this one. AUTHE...[Read More]

Here are the games you can play for free with PlayStation Plus this October

The whole idea of free (older) games to go along with a subscription originated with Sony’s PlayStation Plus offering, back in the days when you didn’t have to pay extra to play games on Sony’s online network. It may have become more costly to be sworn at by strangers on the internet but at least Sony has retained their deluge of monthly freebies. And in the month of October Sony...[Read More]

Here are the games you can play for free with Xbox Live this October

If you’re an Xbox gamer then you know that having an Xbox Live Gold account comes with certain… privileges. You’re able to play your games online, you’ve got the ability to have your heritage questioned by pre-teen campers, and you also get a fresh set of free games to play every month. That’s so this October, as Microsoft has a fresh crop of titles for Xbox One and X...[Read More]

8 things we learnt from the Call of Duty: WWII beta

2017 will go down in gaming history as the year Call of Duty returned to its roots. That’s right, after what some would say was an unhealthy obsession with gravity-defying boosting and wall-running, the latest installment of the franchise is back to good old boots on the ground. We sacrificed the glorious sunshine of an almost-Spring weekend for the trenches of Pointe Du Hoc to bring you the lowdo...[Read More]

How long will you keep playing? The game knows

We have a tendency to consider ourselves unique and unpredictable, but digital games research shows that this is far from the case. In fact, we can be categorised into groups of people who show the same behaviours, and what we do in the future is imminently predictable. For example, how you play a game will reveal what you are likely to do in the game next and how long you are going to stay intere...[Read More]

Feeling resourceful? Microsoft announces Age of Empires 4

Well, we’re going to have to dust off the old axe and remember how to start ordering peasants (or peons) around — Microsoft has announced that Age of Empires 4 is going to be a thing soon. A wood, gold, and stone thing designed to consume hours at a time. The company made the announcement at Gamescom in Germany this week and they’ve also revealed that developer Relic is at the he...[Read More]

You must construct additional pylons — Starcraft Remastered is live

More proof that we’re actually trying to live in the past is the existence of many, many remakes and remasters. Or maybe that’s just where the money is these days. No matter, we don’t care about companies taking our cash as long as they keep giving us awesome — like the newly-released Starcraft Remastered, which is now out and waiting to consume hours of your life. Blizzard...[Read More]

10 of the best cheap Xbox One games

Keeping up with the latest and greatest game releases can be an expensive business – but you don’t need to spend big to have huge amounts of fun. If you’re rocking an Xbox One, there’s a heap of great indie and digital games available on the console store for cheap. What’s more, if you look back over AAA titles which you missed first time round, you can grab some of a...[Read More]

Your month (for free) on Xbox Live Gold — August 2017

What does an Xbox Live Gold membership grant you? Free games. Loads and loads of free games. Each and every month you’ll find a handful of gratis games to download on Xbox One, as well as a couple for Xbox 360, and they’re yours to keep. However, there is one catch to the Games with Gold promotion: they’re only available to download for a few weeks apiece, and then you won’...[Read More]

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