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These are the games you can play for free on Xbox Live Gold next month

What does an Xbox Live Gold membership grant you? Free games. Loads and loads of free games. Each and every month you’ll find a handful of gratis games to download on Xbox One, as well as a couple for Xbox 360, and they’re yours to keep so long as you keep paying for the subscription. However, there is one catch to the Games with Gold promotion: they’re only available to download...[Read More]

Why the SNES Classic Mini is the most exciting games console of 2017

What’s the greatest ever Nintendo console? Trick question. It’s the SNES and this isn’t even a debate. Now the games machine that brought us Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and so many more classics has been reborn, just like the NES Classic Mini. The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System – catchy name, Nintendo – is a diddy reincarnation of the SNES that co...[Read More]

Steam Summer Sale 2017: the discount games you need to buy

Ah, the Steam Summer Sale. A way for South Africans to get a slight taste of Northern Hemisphere summers, even while we freeze our collective bits off in our local winter. We still call it the Summer Sale, because reasons. It’s back, running until the 5th of July, and once more Valve’s digital gaming store is filled with huge reductions on thousands of titles. Whether your interactive tastes run t...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Sega Forever

Remember those amazing Sega games you used to play? Now they’re back for Android and iOS! In truth, they never really went away – ever since emulation became a thing, owners of old games have recognised the money to be made in old rope. But Sega Forever is a new rallying cry, and reportedly the start of something big – an endlessly growing collection of retro hits aiming to hurl you back to the ha...[Read More]

Standalone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered could launch next week

Remember last year, when the only way that you would get to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered was to get the right edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Yeah, about that… A series of leaks from the States claims that a standalone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is on the way, going so far as to give the street date for the release — 27 June. That̵...[Read More]

Hands-on with Far Cry 5 — America has fallen, but is it worth saving?

Fundamentalists have taken over the United States of America! But enough about politics, you’re here to read about Far Cry 5. Such is the timeliness of Ubisoft’s latest open-world shooter, it’s almost too easy to draw comparisons between the Seed family cult who now rule over Montana’s Hope County and… the Donald. Trouble is, Far Cry 5 will have been in development long before the White Hous...[Read More]

7 things you need to know about Spider-Man for PlayStation 4

We already knew before this year’s E3 that your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man would be swinging exclusively on to PlayStation 4. Now we’ve seen much more of Peter Parker’s latest console outing during both Sony’s press conference and a secret session with the game’s developers Insomniac. If you weren’t already hyped about the first Spidey game for four years, you really should be. Channe...[Read More]

Nintendo’s E3 showing is weird… and wonderful

We knew that Nintendo was going to be giving us a weird crop of titles for E3 2017, based purely on the reveal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — the Mario/Rabbids/XCOM (?) crossover from Ubisoft. It’s nice to see that the first-party games for the Switch and 3DS are not letting the side down at all. Nintendo’s slate is crammed full of the colour, magic, and wonder that the comp...[Read More]

Microsoft Xbox One X vs Sony PlayStation 4 Pro: the weigh-in

No, it’s not yet time for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox… Two? However, Sony and Microsoft aren’t content to let their four-year-old consoles linger as gaming PCs get cheaper and more powerful. Last year’s Xbox One S added 4K media support and upscaling for games, but it’s this year’s Xbox One X that’ll truly elevate the gaming experience. With a huge processing ...[Read More]

The best games of E3 2017

For more than 20 years, E3 – or the Electronic Entertainment Expo – has been ground zero for the year’s biggest game announcements. And it’s going on again right now. We’ve been through almost all of the big press conferences at this point, but Nintendo is still ahead, not to mention anything else exciting from third-parties and indies. And we’ll be neck-deep in trailers an...[Read More]

Microsoft Xbox One X: Should you upgrade?

Last year, Microsoft released a 4K-capable revision of the Xbox One called the Xbox One S. And this year, Microsoft will release a 4K-capable revision called the Xbox One X. Confused? Don’t worry: you’re surely not alone in that. Last year’s console was something of a half-step measure designed to appeal to new 4K TV-buyers, but the Xbox One X is a properly premium upgrade, packi...[Read More]

Are esports the next major league sport?

In late 2016, a sports championship event was held in Chicago, drawing 43 million viewers during the series finals. That was 12 million more people than watched the 2016 NBA Finals. It wasn’t soccer, or football, or even the World Series of Poker. Instead, it was the “League of Legends” World Finals, an esports competition. Video games have been popular for more than 30 years, but competitive gami...[Read More]

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