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5 reasons to be excited about Gran Turismo Sport

Since its inception, Gran Turismo has been the racing game to beat. Or should that be ‘racing simulation’? See, while other titles might have offered more action, better damage and greater excitement, none could beat GT to the line when it came to true-to-life racing recreation. News in 2015, then, that Gran Turismo would be returning as Gran Turismo Sport was, perhaps predictably, met with great ...[Read More]

Xbox One S local availability confirmed

The wait from August last year to now has been a long one but South Africa finally has an official launch date for the Xbox One S console. The wait is almost over, as Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One S will be launching in South Africa on 13 April. That’s just before the Easter weekend break, when most of the country will be on holiday, so it’s the perfect time to get acquaint...[Read More]

How to expand your PS4 storage space with an external hard drive

PlayStation 4 software update 4.5 is here and – rejoice! – it’s delivered external hard drive support. You’re now able to connect a USB 3.0-enabled external drive to your brilliant black box and it’ll increase your overall gaming capacity by anything between 250GB and 8TB, depending on the size of drive you go get. Is it that simple, though? See, there’s more th...[Read More]

Everything wants to be the ultimate sandbox, where you can be… everything

We’ve seen a lot of games but very rarely have we ever encountered anything quite as strange and ambitious and thought-provoking as Everything. Everything is a sandbox game that has been newly released onto the PlayStation 4 and it wants its players to be the universe in a somewhat literal way. The game, the creation of one David O’Reilly, allows you to play as… well, everything....[Read More]

Super Mario Run available on Android from tomorrow

We all know that a mobile game isn’t a mobile game until it has been released on Android. We’ve been expecting Super Mario Run to launch in the month of March but Nintendo America has at last given an official date. 23 March is the date when non-iOS phone users will be able to get their free-to-try Mario endless runner fix — which is tomorrow. Super Mario Run, in case you’v...[Read More]

Nintendo’s Switch sells more than 1.5 million units in its first week

You might be sitting on the fence about getting your hands on Nintendo’s new Switch console and you’re probably not the only one. A few folks felt they had been burned by the ill-fated Wii U so some hesitancy is understandable. But, if early sales figures for the Switch are any indication, it looks like Nintendo’s going to have a better round this time around. Information, from F...[Read More]

PS4 Pro Boost Mode: how effective is it?

For anyone with a PS4 Pro, the most exciting feature added with update 4.5 is probably Boost Mode. This setting, accessible from the console’s System menu, uses (or at least attempts to use) the console’s extra power to enhance the performance of games that haven’t been updated for Pro performance. Boost Mode won’t add HDR lighting to these games, and won’t make any improvements to resolution via ...[Read More]

11 games we want to see for the Nintendo Switch

There’s no doubt that the Switch is a neat little console, what with its transforming powers and pick-up-and-play vibe. But, after Nintendo’s recent record of failing to support its consoles with quality games, we’re more than a little fearful that the Switch will suffer the same fate as the Wii U. What’s more, the titles announced so far aren’t exactly addressing people’s ...[Read More]

5 new things your PS4 can now do

Short of a whole new box, it’s software updates that keep console owners happy, delivering new tricks and better experiences in the same all-black package. Good news, then: Sony has announced that the 4.5 system update for PlayStation 4 – which has spent the last month or so in beta – will roll out on 9 March. That’s… why, that’s today. What’s in store, th...[Read More]

Nintendo’s new Switch console says a surprising amount about the company’s history

Nintendo have always done things their own way. The company has always been an innovator and each new games console it releases, from the Gameboy to the Wii, is usually labelled novel or gimmicky. Things are no different with its latest offering, the Nintendo Switch, which is the first hybrid console that can be used as a home gaming centre or a portable handheld device. But if you look through th...[Read More]

How the US military is using ‘violent, chaotic, beautiful’ video games to train soldiers

Violent video games have become embedded within American culture over the past several decades and especially since 9/11. First-person shooters, in particular, have become increasingly popular. These games – in which players are positioned behind a gun – have turned a generation of kids into digital warriors who fight terrorists and battle alien invaders. Many play first-person shooters for pure, ...[Read More]

Exploring the world(s) of Mass Effect: Andromeda

We desperately want Mass Effect: Andromeda to be the game that we’re being promised in Bioware’s gameplay series and based on the latest outing — which focuses on world exploration — we may just get what we’re after. Players are going to find themselves faced with a scale that hasn’t been seen in the series to date, with more than 100 planets being part of the e...[Read More]

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