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MWC 2017: what we’re most excited to see

MWC is all about slabs with screens. No, not smart mirrors – but rather smartphones and tablets. Lots and lots of smartphones and tablets, from nearly all of the big manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and LG. And, while that might sound a bit predictable, it rarely fails to serve up some titillating tech to get us talking. So, with little more than a month to go until the tech circus desc...[Read More]

Blue Ocean VR opens ‘VR Experience Centre’ in Joburg

South Africans wanting to try out a fancier virtual reality (VR) experience than the one offered by sticking a smartphone in a cardboard headset (or the somewhat slicker Samsung Gear VR headset) have largely been out of luck to date. But a new company called Blue Ocean VR wants to offer consumers the chance to try out the HTC Vive in its “Virtual Reality Experience Centre” in Bedfordvi...[Read More]

Vodacom zero rates basic Facebook use, but beware the Ts&Cs

Ask those who like to go commando in short shorts, anyone on the receiving end of American cultural imperialism, or economists, and they’ll tell you, freedom always comes at a price. Ultimately, there’s no such thing as free, and Vodacom’s new Facebook Flex offering is no exception. The deal is this: Vodacom’s making basic Facebook use free. And we do mean basic. Users who ...[Read More]

Amazon’s Alexa stole the show at CES, signaling that this will be a big year for voice assistants

Talking to yourself in your house has become more of a reality after a slew of new products using Amazon’s voice assistant were unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the big trends for the future year unfold. The big trends this year, in no particular order: more sophisticated drones, 4K another high resolution televisions, virtual reality, and artificial intellige...[Read More]

Samsung’s ambitious plan to own the audio business

About half an hour north-west of Los Angeles, in a nondescript industrial park a few blocks from a Six Flags theme park with its roller coasters leaping above the horizon, lies a Samsung Research America office dedicated to audio gear. Home to 21 employees with combined experience in the industry totalling more than 300 years, and housing some of the most advanced audio testing equipment on earth,...[Read More]

If you’re an Overwatch fan, keep your eyes peeled for Elon Musk

What if Elon Musk, the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a real-life Tony Stark (or a super-villain, should he decide to turn even), was a gamer? Oh, wait, it seems like he kind of is. And, in a recent interview with Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, Musk has given out his gaming recommendations. The very first, given without hesitation, is Blizzard’s excellent shooter Overwatch. Elon Mu...[Read More]

So it begins: Facebook to start showing ads mid-video

Facebook, as hard as it might be to believe, is far more interested in you as a potential advertising target than as a user. That’s how the company makes its money, after all — by serving advertisements up to neatly-catalogued eyeballs. So it should come as no surprise that Facebook is going to be introducing a whole lot more ads to videos posted to the social network. That’s the...[Read More]

Let’s travel back in time ten years to the original iPhone keynote

2007 was an interesting time. South Africa was yet to embrace the madness that was load shedding, several (for some odd reason, probably money) popular music artists hadn’t appeared on the scene yet, dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Steve Job, who was still around, had yet to utter the words “And one more thing” in relation to a phone. All of that changed on 9 January 2007, when th...[Read More]

The 10 most important gadgets from CES 2017

The dust has settled, the bins of discarded carrier bags and 2GB flash sticks have been emptied and the punters are heading home. That’s right, another CES event has come and gone. We’ve taken a look at five of the coolest (and five of the silliest) offerings to come out of it, but this is the TL;DR version: the 10 most important things that graced the Las Vegas halls and had techies s...[Read More]

Five of the silliest things at CES 2017

Stuff‘s second law of trade show dynamics states that for every awesome and deeply desirable bit of kit unveiled there must be an opposite and equally ludicrous or superfluous piece of gear launched. As a complement to our selection of five of the coolest things to come out of CES 2017, herewith a list of five of the worst. Next Bottle There are a whole lot of “smart” water bottl...[Read More]

Five of the coolest things at CES 2017

Whenever you have a trade show the size of CES there’s going to be a mix of incredibly cool and incredibly ridiculous wares on display. From the big-name, hyped up launches like Samsung QLED TVs and LG’s new Wallpaper flagship goggle box, to companies you’ve never heard of making things you didn’t even know you needed, this year’s CES has been no exception. We’v...[Read More]

BlackBerry teases Mercury, their last in-house QWERTY smartphone

Does anyone remember the last BlackBerry leak of 2016, consisting of supposed images of their upcoming Mercury handset? It’s okay if you don’t recall, because we’ve got the original post right here. It seems that the leak was pretty on the money, with an official teaser for the device popping up on Twitter last night. The teaser is just a brief video showing the outlines of the u...[Read More]

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