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Local pricing for the Note 8, and no surprise it’s S Pensive

The Note 8 looks like the phone we’ve been dreaming of since, well, the Note 5. And now we know what it’ll cost and when we can have it. Pre-orders open on 1 September 2017 with the first devices making their way to users on 22 September. Recommended retail pricing is set at R18,500, which is actually a little cheaper than the R20,000 we were expecting. We’re excited about a lot ...[Read More]

The iPod is dead: we celebrate the 10 best versions of Apple’s thin white jukebox

In 2001, an unassuming white box arrived and changed the gadget world. Good job it did, too – if Apple had carried on just making computers, we might all be walking around listening to MiniDiscs, taking photos on compact cameras and making phone calls on our Nokias. But the iPod changed everything. Now, in 2017, Apple has killed the iPod dead. (Apart from the iPod touch, which for the purposes of ...[Read More]

Louis Vuitton wants its Tambour Horizon smartwatch to be the choice for globetrotters

Sure, you can spend $10,000 on a top-end Apple Watch if you want, but to the casual observer it’ll still look like every other Apple Watch out there. If you want exclusivity and smartwatch functionality there are options from the likes of Tag Heuer, Michael Kors and Mont Blanc… and now from Louis Vuitton. But it’s the LV-branded options that might prove most appealing to image-co...[Read More]

Radiohead hid a ZX Spectrum program in its anniversary edition of OK Computer

Radiohead’s OK Computer was one of the seminal albums of the ’90s, and certainly one of the best releases of 1997. Two decades down the line, the British band has released an eye-wateringly expensive anniversary edition priced at $130/£100 that includes three vinyls, a hardcover book and a C90 tape cassette. The cassette is bookended by blips and beeps that’d be familiar to those...[Read More]

Audi’s A8 means business, business class, that is

When you think of chauffeur-driven cars you probably think of Maybach’s, Bentley’s, Mercs, BMWs and blue lights. We certainly do. But Audi is hoping to add its forthcoming A8 to that list. The German automaker has unveiled the fourth generation of the 8 at its Audi Summit in Barcelona, and it’s the long-wheelbase A8 L that’s really got our attention, along with the automati...[Read More]

Chinese researchers take the first steps towards making teleportation a reality

It’s not quite frikkin’ lasers, genuine hover boards or time travel, but BBC News reported yesterday that Chinese researchers have “teleported a photon from the Gobi desert to a satellite orbiting five hundred kilometres above the earth”. How did they manage this feat of sci-fi wonderment? Through something called quantum entanglement, “a process where two particles r...[Read More]

Musk shows off a production model of the Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk took to Twitter over the weekend to show off a production model of the Tesla Model 3, the first “affordable” fully electric car from Tesla that’s secured hundreds of thousands of $1,000 deposits from fans. We say “affordable”, because the starting price is still $35,000… but that’s substantially less than Tesla’s other vehicles, and makes t...[Read More]

BBM wants to promote local urban music with Stage360

BBM has launched a new music-discovery and artist-promotion service within BBM Discover called Stage360 Music. BBM Discover is a content platform, and the Stage360 Music portion of it will allow musicians and bands to upload their own content and interact with fans using BBM’s chat functionality. Stage 360 Music will see big-name local artists like Skwatta Kamp’s Slikour and fans talen...[Read More]

Meet Joox, South Africa’s newest music streaming service

Tencent, the Chinese company that owns WeChat and in which Naspers holds a sizeable stake, has launched its music streaming service called Joox in South Africa. The ad-supported, free version of the app limits users to pre-defined radio stations, but the subscription model offers the sorts of features you’d expect from a streaming service: on-demand access to the entire Joox library of 3 mil...[Read More]

InspiroBot makes motivational posters you’ll actually want to share

Artificial intelligence comes in many shapes and forms, some of them useful, others… less so, like Microsoft’s hate-spewing chatbot Tay that had to be rapidly decommissioned. There’s a new bot on the block that falls somewhere between the two. Called InspiroBot, it combines short sentences with images to create motivational-style posters that range from the prescient and insightf...[Read More]

Local pricing and availability for Nokia 5 and 6 confirmed

HMD Global, the company that’s resurrected the Nokia marque, has confirmed that the Nokia 5 will go on sale in South Africa on 28 June 2017 at a recommended retail price of R3,000. The Nokia 6 will follow in late July and cost R3,700. The Nokia 3 went on sale locally on 7 June for R2,000. While it’s the revamped Nokia 3310 that’s been grabbing headlines, we’re far more exci...[Read More]

Helping or hacking? Engineers and ethicists must work together on brain-computer interface technology

In the 1995 film “Batman Forever,” the Riddler used 3-D television to secretly access viewers’ most personal thoughts in his hunt for Batman’s true identity. By 2011, the metrics company Nielsen had acquired Neurofocus and had created a “consumer neuroscience” division that uses integrated conscious and unconscious data to track customer decision-making habits. What was once a nefarious scheme in ...[Read More]

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