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Get yourself one of 8 Man-Sized movie tickets, courtesy of Ster-Kinekor

Right, so, it’s Man-Sized Month. That’s something that Ster-Kinekor told us and the moment they did, our collective voices dropped a register and we all grew beards. Except Michelle, who isn’t affected by testosterone, and Craig, who’s trying to quit and become a vegetarian (long story). Ster-Kinekor also told us that they had a set of eight tickets to give away for Man-Siz...[Read More]

The 7 coolest smartwatches from Baselworld 2017

In the market for a dazzling new smartwatch? Your next connected timepiece might have been revealed, as the Baselworld 2017 watch and jewellery show rages on in Switzerland. Many of the top watch brands are riding the resurgent wave of Android Wear 2.0, debuting watches that run the gamut from minimal and affordable to bold and expensive, with a little bit of everything in between. And what’...[Read More]

Alternatives to meat help solve environmental strain, issues of factory farming

Uma Valeti makes a mean meatball. It’s perfectly round, sizzles when you fry it in a pan and tastes good. But unlike most meatballs, it was grown in a sterile brewery, not a cow. Memphis Meats, the company that he co-founded, has been called “the hottest tech in Silicon Valley” by Fortune magazine and is aiming to revolutionise food production. Dr Valeti is a cardiologist who was...[Read More]

From disaster planning to conservation: mobile phones as a new tracking tool

We can learn a lot about things by studying how they move through the world and interact with the environment. In the past, for example, it was possible to study the mobility of people within the United States by monitoring things such as the movement of banknotes. Today we can use something that is much more global and widely available than US cash. Mobile phones have almost totally infiltrated h...[Read More]

These two people just got a lot more Internet Security

The internet is a dangerous, lawless place. Or it could be, if you were wandering around the lesser-explored reaches of digital space. Don’t judge, it happens. One minute you’re looking at music videos on YouTube and the next you’re watch two people wallop each other with fully-grown tuna. But the important thing when you go on these impromptu knowledge-gaining adventures (usuall...[Read More]

Are you a big enough Star Wars fan to drop R100,000 on a life-sized R2-D2?

We’re slightly fond of Star Wars here at Stuff and there’s at least one life-sized representation of the plucky little droid-that-could, R2-D2, right here in our offices. If only we made our money in a way other than talking about tech, though, as we might be able to afford this Sideshow-created R2 replica. Clocking in at a mighty wallet-smashing $7,450 (R100,000, give or take), this i...[Read More]

A survival guide for the coming AI revolution

If the popular media are to be believed, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to steal your job and threaten life as we know it. If we do not prepare now, we may face a future where AI runs free and dominates humans in society. The AI revolution is indeed underway. To ensure you are prepared to make it through the times ahead, we’ve created a handy survival guide for you. Step 1: Recognising AI ...[Read More]

Is cyberspace the latest conflict frontier on the African continent?

In August 2012, terrorist group, Boko Haram, reportedly hacked into Nigeria’s secret service and acquired private data on current and former personnel. In April 2016, a group calling itself “Anonymous” was able to hack into the database of the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and steal sensitive data. More recently, a number of South African companies’ systems were infiltrated by cyberattackers ...[Read More]

Oculus announces hand-held controller for Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s Gear VR is a great, affordable introduction to virtual reality for the uninitiated, but its pretty limited when it comes to controls. Peering around virtual worlds is great and all, but without the ability to interact with them, the possibilities it offers have been a little limited to date. Samsung’s partner Oculus, best known of course for it’s high-end Rift VR kit, w...[Read More]

Artificial intelligence: here’s what you need to know to understand how machines learn

From Jeopardy winners and Go masters to infamous advertising-related racial profiling, it would seem we have entered an era in which artificial intelligence developments are rapidly accelerating. But a fully sentient being whose electronic “brain” can fully engage in complex cognitive tasks using fair moral judgement remains, for now, beyond our capabilities. Unfortunately, current developments ar...[Read More]

You want ALL of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary figures. All of them

Star Wars turns 40 this year — yes, really, and yes, we’re all getting old. But being old(er) means that we might just have the funds to secure all of Hasbro’s upcoming 40th Anniversary Star Wars figures set, which was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair last week. How’s your savings account looking? The set of 6in figures from the original trilogy are based on the highly-col...[Read More]

Hans Rosling brought statistics alive, as he showed us how far humanity has come

“There’s nothing boring about statistics, especially not today, when we can make the data sing,” the great Hans Rosling once said. And sing they did. Rosling – who died from pancreatic cancer last week aged 68 – was more than a mere statistician, he was that rare kind of genius who could explain the most complex subjects and make them engaging for most. The Swedish professor called himself an “edu...[Read More]

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