iPhone vs the world: 2007-2017 — The best takes on the rest

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and a new iPhone arriving every year. Ever since Steve Jobs revealed Apple’s first foray into the phone world back in 2007, the hunt has been on for a competitor to rise through the ranks and challenge it for the coveted “phone of the year” crown. Now that we’re less than a month away from the launch of the tenth anniversary iPhone, we’ve chronicled t...[Read More]

Light Start — Digital vinyl, ZenFone leaks, Facebook’s new toy, and space computers

The Great 78 Project is digitising old vinyl for the Internet Archive If you want to up your hipster game then you’re going to have to head on over to the Internet Archive (link below). That’s where you will find the Great 78 project, which has digitised a whole lot of vinyl. Over 50,000 examples of the old format, in fact, including a whole mess of cylinder recordings (which is where ...[Read More]

The defining device of the portable music era is headed for history: RIP iPod

As it announced unexpected strong sales of its iPhone last week, Apple said it is killing off the music device that made it all possible: the iPod. The renamed iPod Classic was discontinued in 2014 and last week it was the turn of the smaller iPod Nano and Shuffle to be dropped from Apple’s online store. They were the last of the music players that made Apple into the mobile titan it is toda...[Read More]

10 of the best cheap Xbox One games

Keeping up with the latest and greatest game releases can be an expensive business – but you don’t need to spend big to have huge amounts of fun. If you’re rocking an Xbox One, there’s a heap of great indie and digital games available on the console store for cheap. What’s more, if you look back over AAA titles which you missed first time round, you can grab some of a...[Read More]

The new industrial revolution: robots are an opportunity, not a threat

Invasion. Takeover. These are the kind of words that have been bandied about in news headlines about robotics and artificial intelligence in the last few years. The coverage has been almost relentlessly negative, focusing on the threat to jobs, squeezing out the human component. While such potential is there, if robotics and AI do become a threat, then we believe this would be a threat of society’...[Read More]

Facebook launches Watch, their (incorrect) answer to Netflix and YouTube

Facebook wants to keep the eyes of the world on their offerings and services. To that end the social network has announced Watch, a platform for video content that will have to compete with the likes of Netflix and YouTube for eyeballs. Not literally, that would just be gross. Though… we’d also totally watch that show. But Watch, announced by Facebook yesterday and rolling out to limit...[Read More]

TIKAD is the drone all those Terminator movies warned us about

If when asked “What is the next thing needed in drone technology?”, you answer “Guns!” we will a) question your sanity and b) congratulate you on thinking like the makers of TIKAD. TIKAD is a drone that looks an awful lot like the rigs used to tote around high-end camera equipment for the movie industry. There is one big difference though: Shooting with these results in far...[Read More]

Why we don’t trust robots

Robots raise all kinds of concerns. They could steal our jobs, as some experts think. And if artificial intelligence grows, they might even be tempted to enslave us, or to annihilate the whole of humanity. Robots are strange creatures, and not only for these frequently invoked reasons. We have good cause to be a little worried about these machines. An advertisement for Kuka robotics: can these mac...[Read More]

LG V30 leaks, official announcement coming 31 August

What a month (and a bit) this is turning out to be. Samsung’s got a launch event for the Note 8 coming, Apple is due soon and now the LG V30 is going to be getting a reveal at the end of August. Another reveal, that is, a better one than the most recent revelation. But more on that in a bit. LG has sent out media invitations for their next hardware event, dating the announcement for 31 Augus...[Read More]

New iPhone 8 pictured in (relatively rare) image leak

We’ve been grabbing at any info we can regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone, because everyone would open their presents early if they could. Or at least peek at them before they’re popped under the tree. We’ve had a look at just about everything on the specs front but we haven’t actually seen the phone. Just best guesses and renders. Until now, that is. Leaker Evan Blass...[Read More]

The future of translation is part human, part machine

Imagine a world where everyone can perfectly understand each other. Language is translated as we speak, and awkward moments of trying to be understood are a thing of the past. This elusive idea is something that developers have been chasing for years. Free tools like Google Translate – which is used to translate over 100 billion words a day – along with other apps and hardware that claim to transl...[Read More]

The world’s largest purveyor of wearable tech is now… Xiaomi

When you think of wearable tech there’s one name that jumps to mind first: Fitbit. So much so that many fitness bands are called, generically, Fitbits. And with good reason, the company once held sway over the world’s wearables market but now there’s a new king of the castle. And it’s not contender Apple. It’s Xiaomi. Xiaomi has captured 17.1% of the world’s wea...[Read More]

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