Microsoft posts first quarterly loss since going public

Microsoft has reported the first quarterly loss the company has had since it went public, despite having a record quarter in terms of revenue. The loss is due to a $6.19bn charge for writing down the value of aQuantive, an advertising company that Microsoft purchased in 2007. Microsoft’s quarterly revenue came in at $18.06 billion but, following the charge, the company posted its first loss ...[Read More]

AMD CEO’s (slightly depressing) views on the PC market

The head of AMD had some none-too-positive words regarding the PC industry during the company’s earnings call yesterday. Advanced Micro Devices has seen revenue drop by 10% in the second quarter, perhaps signalling a trend for the company and PC sales in general. AMD’s CEO Rory Read said: “For the first time since 2001, client PC shipments have declined sequentially for three con...[Read More]

Google may be ordered to delete ‘torrent’, others from autocomplete function

According to a report from TorrentFreak, the French Supreme Court has ruled that Google could be required to censor certain search terms related to piracy. Google is involved in a suit with French music group SNEP, which is attempting to get Google to filter search terms. Google has been accused of permitting copyright by allowing terms like ‘torrent’, ‘Rapidshare’ and R...[Read More]

UK Judge – Apple must run ads stating that Samsung didn’t copy iPad

According to a Bloomberg report, the UK judge who recently ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab does not infringe upon the iPad’s designs has ordered that Apple publish notices outlining the court’s judgement. Essentially Apple is required to produce advertisements, both on its website and via British newspapers, stating that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets didn’t infringe on the...[Read More]

Nokia announces $1.01 billion operating loss in Q2 financials

Smartphone maker Nokia has posted their Quarter 2 financial results and there is some good news and bad news. The good news is that the company has shifted around 4 million Lumia handsets, which is in line with estimates for the product line. The bad news is that the Finnish company has posted a $1.01 billion operating loss on net sales of $9.21 billion. Comparatively few of the 4 million Lumias s...[Read More]

Microsoft gives out the official Windows 8 launch date

Microsoft vaguely dated the release of Windows 8 earlier this month to October but the software giant has now given a solid date for the arrival of the new OS. 26 October is when the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s operating system will be landing, according to the Windows blog. On 26 October Windows 8 will be available both as an upgrade to existing OSes or on new PCs. This comes via Wind...[Read More]

Google Maps brings more Street View to the South Pole

Antarctica and the South Pole have always been fairly close to South Africans, geographically speaking, but the folks at Google Maps have brought addition imagery from the frozen continent to the world at large, updating a project that started in September 2010. New locations available for panoramic viewing include the Ceremonial South Pole, Shackleton’s Hut, Scott’s Hut and the South ...[Read More]

When you really want to protect your iPad, go bulletproof

VestGuard UK, a British company that is the country’s “Largest Manufacturer of Body Armour and Personal Protection Equipment”, will soon add something a little more technological to their lineup of body armour and security equipment: a bulletproof iPad case. The Ballistic iPad cover is constructed from “cutting edge uni-directional aramid fibers processed to a high toleranc...[Read More]

Foxconn planning $1 billion Indonesian facility

Computer manufacturer Foxconn is presently in talks with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry regarding the company opening a $1 billion facility in the country, a move which would provide a purported 1 million jobs to citizens in the country. Foxconn already has several manufacturing plants in China and Brazil but is keen on Indonesia because of the economic growth rate in the country, which is si...[Read More]

Raspberry Pi serves up a slice of its own OS

The low-cost Raspberry Pi Linux-based computers, which are retailing for a mere $35 (R290), have just seen the release of an official Debian-based operating system designed for the mini-computer. The OS, called Raspbian “wheezy”, is now available as an SD card image from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It replaces the previously recommended Debian squeeze image as the go-to OS for the Linux setup and...[Read More]

Rumours regarding the iPhone 5

There is a lot of speculation on the possibility of an iPhone 5 launching in 2012 and the rumours are once again flying about thick and fast. In the past month engineering samples of the device have apparently been sighted, claims of pre-orders being accepted for the phone in China have been made, as well as claims that the new handset is already in production. Tech website CNET has compiled a lis...[Read More]

3D printing circumvents handcuffs, hacker point out that cuffs are at fault

Last week at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference, held in New York, a German hacker and security consultant identified only as “Ray”  demonstrated some of the implications of 3D printing for law enforcement agencies around the world. Ray achieved this by making use of keys produced using a 3D printer and a laser cutter to open sets of handcuffs made by German company Bonowi and Engl...[Read More]

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