Apple patents mass contact info updates via SMS

Apple have been awarded another patent, this one related to sending out a mass SMS message to contacts informing them that your phone number has been changed. The patent, Patent 8,170,588, covers, “A source mobile telephone [that] detects that a telephone number of the telephone has changed to a new number, and in response, sends a text or short message service (SMS) notice message to contac...[Read More]

MIT develops new “multifunctional” glass

Researchers at MIT have developed a new type of glass. More accurately, the researchers have developed a new method  of creating surface textures on glass which “virtually eliminates” reflections. The new glass, as a result, has almost no glare and also causes water droplets to bounce off its surface, making it fog-resistant as well. The only way that this breakthrough could get any be...[Read More]

Mobile base stations just got a whole lot smaller

Alcatel-Lucent have unveiled their solution to cell phone towers, called lightRadio. The lightRadio units are far smaller than existing cellular towers, being just about large enough to fit into the palm of someone’s hand. lightRadio has already been tested for coverage and energy usage improvements and could pave the way for cheaper expansion of cellular coverage due to its far smaller size...[Read More]

SA to get MasterCard Mobile

Credit card company MasterCard has partnered with local company Oltio, a “…mobile-centric payments and financial services company”, in order to bring MasterCard Mobile to South African shores. The service will allow users to make online purchases using their mobile phones. Only Absa, Nedbank and Standard Bank clients will be supported but Maestro and MasterCard debit and credit c...[Read More]

Kindle Fire accounts for 54% of Android tablets

Recent data published by market research firm comScore has revealed that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet hold the top spot in the Android tablet market as of February this year, beating out the next in line by almost 40% of the market share. According to the data the Kindle Fire accounts for 54.4% of the Android tablets in use with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the second on the list, accounting for 1...[Read More]

Samsung takes Nokia’s no. 1 spot

Samsung has sold a record number of smartphones for the first quarter of 2012, outstripping all of the competition including Nokia and Apple. Samsung’s figures were driven by an increase in Galaxy smartphones for the company. 70% of the company’s overall operating profit came from Samsung’s mobile side in Q1, according to reports. Overall Samsung sold 92 million handsets for the ...[Read More]

FNB offering cheaper ‘new’ iPads (iPad 3) to customers

First National Bank is offering the new iPad (iPad 3) to clients who make use of a range of the bank’s services at a reduced rate as of today as part of their smartphone and tablet promotion. FNB Gold and Platinum cheque account holders, FNB Private Clients as well as FNB Young Professionals, One Account, Islamic Finance, Encore and RMB cheque account holders are all eligible for the offer. ...[Read More]

New iPad on sale today

South Africa is joining several other countries in finally getting their hands on the new iPad (iPad 3). Local Apple distributors Core recently announced the finalised recommended retail pricing for the tablet, which will have the WiFi-only model priced between R4,999 (16GB) and R6,999 (64GB). The WiFi + 4G LTE (which isn’t supported in SA) devices will cost between R6,299 (16GB) and R8,299 ...[Read More]

Opera 12 beta now available

Opera have just released the beta version of Opera 12 desktop browser, code-named “Wahoo”, promising a list of new features and improvements over previous versions. Among these features are downloadable themes for the browser, along with the option to create your own theme if nothing on the pre-created list is appealing. Opera have a tutorial available for users who are keen to try the...[Read More]

Google Drive versus Dropbox and the rest

Competition in the online storage sphere is hotting up. The recent launch of Google Drive and changes to Microsoft’s Skydrive have put Dropbox onto the back foot for now. But how do the various offerings stack up against each other? Blogger Tim Anderson has compiled information showing the differences between the major cloud storage competitors: Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, Apple’...[Read More]

Has Intel already made Windows RT irrelevant?

Windows 8 will be bringing along with it Windows RT, an OS designed around the ARM architecture, but a few upcoming Intel chipsets could threaten sales of devices bundled with Microsoft’s RT operating system by providing x86 processors that work as well (or better than) current ARM mainstays in phones and tablets. Previously Intel has been unable to compete on a pricing level with ARM proces...[Read More]

A camera with a (major) difference

Traditional cameras replicate, either on film or in a digital format, whatever was in front of the viewfinder when the photo is snapped. The ‘Descriptive Camera’, the brainchild of photographer and programmer Matt Richardson, takes a slightly different approach. The ‘Descriptive Camera’ doesn’t take photographs in the conventional sense. It returns a description of wh...[Read More]

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