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The Nokia 3310: An iconic device that defined the reliability of the 2G voice era

For something that is still only a rumour, the much-speculated return of Nokia’s iconic 3310 cellphone caused a not-insubstantial wave of media attention last week. There is a nostalgic for Nokia that belies its current status as fallen giant of the pre-smartphone era, a sad reputation it shares with Motorola (the first dominant phone maker) and BlackBerry (whose CrackBerries mostly invented...[Read More]

Galaxy S8+ specs leaked, Galaxy S8 sighted in the real world

Do you want to know what the specifications of Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ are? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have moved past the headline and on to this article. As it happens we have that information, thanks to noted mobile phone leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks). Blass revealed in a tweeted image (above) the apparent specifications for Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ handset and the first...[Read More]

LG G6: Everything we know so far

How do you trump a whole new type of smartphone? When LG delivered the G5 last year, it brought to the table the most usable example of a modular mobile to date. With a switchable bumper plate and add-ons that included camera and hi-fi modules, the G5 represented what we thought might just be the future for phones. And, while the modularity didn’t catch on as LG had hoped, it was still an im...[Read More]

The Nokia 6310: A look back at a love affair with an iconic cellphone

“Because it just works,” is the standard, almost verbatim reply from people who still use their old Nokia 6310i cellphones told me in 2007. Despite an ever-advancing industry that pumps out new feature-laden handsets at a rate of furious innovation, there is a large contingent of people who cling faithfully to this iconic handset. The recent rumours of a possible relaunch of the equally iconic Nok...[Read More]

Apple to announce iPad refresh, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 variation in March – report

We haven’t seen a proper iPad refresh in a while, with the last announcement taking place in March 2016. Even then, that was the reveal of the 9.7in iPad Pro — worthy of Apple stage time but only just. This year, according to reports, Apple’s going to have something a bit more substantial for us: A whole lot more iPad news, including a refresh of the Mini 4. Rather, we’re g...[Read More]

Is your smartphone making you shy?

During the three years I’ve spent researching and writing about shyness, one of the most common questions people ask is about the relationship between being shy and technology. Are the internet and the cellphone causing our social skills to atrophy? I often hear this from parents of shy teenagers, who are worried that their children are spending more time with their devices than with their peers. ...[Read More]

LG’s G6 to arrive packing dual 13MP cameras

We already know a fair amount about the LG G6’s appearance, what the display will be like, and that it will have a fantastic battery (LG says). And now we have more than a vague idea what sort of camera the G6 is going to be packing. The LG G6 is going to sport two 13MP rear cameras, according to LG. The information was detailed on the company’s Korean-language blog, which goes on to e...[Read More]

Not content with just phones, Xiaomi to announce its own mobile chipset this month

China’s Xiaomi is doing very well for itself of late. It’s one of the largest forces in the Chinese mobile market and it is making inroads into other markets as well. The company makes everything from mobile phones to drones to laptops and electric bicycles and it makes them cheaply and well. But we could always do with things being a little cheaper. Xiaomi has a plan to make their mob...[Read More]

12 Nokia phones that changed the world (and 9 crazy ones)

Nokia is back. Like a phoenix from the ashes, the once iconic phone-maker is set to return at this year’s Mobile World Congress show – and rumour has it, will be bringing an updated 3310 along too. We’ve got fond memories of that phone (good luck beating our Snake high score, people) but it got us thinking – Nokia regularly shifted the gadget-time continuum with its crazy c...[Read More]

Your next smartphone will shoot 1000fps ultra slow-mo videos

Get ready for some Matrix-style slow motion – without the crazy expensive camera hardware. Sony has pulled back the curtain on a new smartphone sensor, one that’ll shoot Full HD 1080p video at a frankly ridiculous 1000fps. That’s about eight times faster than the rest of the smartphone world, according to Sony. The new sensor should be pretty handy when it comes to still photos, ...[Read More]

The design tricks that made the Nokia 3310 world-beating

The Nokia 3310 mobile phone has near iconic status. Released in 2000, it is among the best-selling phones of all time, with 126m units produced. It was renowned for being virtually indestructible and for launching many of us onto the first rung of our connected lifestyles. Many people in their 30s and upwards remember it as the first cool phone they owned, or the phone their friends had that made ...[Read More]

Expect to see the Huawei P10 at MWC

Sure we had our suspicions but it’s not certain until there’s an official announcement. That’s how come we’re not going to be seeing Samsung’s Galaxy S8 at this year’s MWC. What we will be seeing, however, is the Huawei P10. The company has released a video teaser for their event, strongly hinting that we will be privy to some new camera tech for 2017. Cameras a...[Read More]

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