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Samsung is going to be making a Galaxy Note 8 this year

Samsung has just put the Galaxy Note 7 recall to bed, having completed and announced the results of its investigation into last year’s woes. You might think, after all that, that the Note brand might be seen as a little tainted but Samsung has instead confirmed that there will be a Galaxy Note 8. What’s more, we’re going to see it this year. Samsung’s DJ Koh, speaking to CN...[Read More]

Could this be our very first look at the LG G6?

Is this what the LG G6 is going to look like when we get our first (official) look at it at this year’s Mobile World Congress? Sources say yes and if they’re correct then we’re looking forward to seeing the handset in the flesh. Why? Well, we already know a few things about the phone, most notably the display oddities that are in store for users. What we don’t know is much ...[Read More]

MWC 2017: what we’re most excited to see

MWC is all about slabs with screens. No, not smart mirrors – but rather smartphones and tablets. Lots and lots of smartphones and tablets, from nearly all of the big manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and LG. And, while that might sound a bit predictable, it rarely fails to serve up some titillating tech to get us talking. So, with little more than a month to go until the tech circus desc...[Read More]

We’re getting closer to having Xiaomi’s battery-packing Redmi Note 4

If the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is anything like the Redmi Note 3 then we’re going to have to get us some of that. Or, to put it another way, we will be all but forced to consider discarding our current cellular devices is favour of this freshly-minted option. As it happens, we now know more about what will be inside the Redmi Note 4 and the specs are looking more attractive than the last time we...[Read More]

Super Mario Run sprints on to Android in March

One of the biggest surprises, amazingly, of Apple’s iPhone 7 presentation last year was the announcement of Super Mario Run, the first true Nintendo-made mobile game. Apple got the announcement because the title was launching on iOS, obviously. That instantly prompted the question: When is Android getting it? The answer? March. That’s the official word according to the official Nintend...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S8: Mockups, headphones jacks, and possible launch dates

Where is it? What will it look like? When can I have one? These are all questions whenever a new Samsung is announced and the Galaxy S8 is just the latest to spark our curiosity. Though, to be fair, the Stuff team goes bonkers whenever something new is announced. Or we think something is going to be announced. Or when someone wants to order pizza, come to think of it… On topic, Samsung in 20...[Read More]

Vodacom zero rates basic Facebook use, but beware the Ts&Cs

Ask those who like to go commando in short shorts, anyone on the receiving end of American cultural imperialism, or economists, and they’ll tell you, freedom always comes at a price. Ultimately, there’s no such thing as free, and Vodacom’s new Facebook Flex offering is no exception. The deal is this: Vodacom’s making basic Facebook use free. And we do mean basic. Users who ...[Read More]

The LG G6 will look a little longer than expected, won’t explode (says LG)

What with all the talk of Apple’s new iPhone and Samsung’s next shot at a Galaxy flagship, it seems that the LG G6 is getting off light. Nobody’s really talking about it, which you could argue is a double-edged sword for LG. Sure, you get to keep your secrets but… nobody’s talking about your device. We can change that up, though, as there is a dribble of information o...[Read More]

Nokia teases an Android announcement for 26 February

Nokia’s reentry into the smartphone market, with Android phones filling out the roster rather than those brightly-coloured Windows Phone devices, has definitely got us excited and now we’ve got another date to look forward to. The company has teased, via a Facebook post, an announcement date where we should hear more about the company’s plans for the near future. Below you’...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone 8 may arrive with a stainless steel chassis

Changes are afoot for the iPhone 8, if the latest reports out of Taiwan are accurate. The change, in this case, could be related to the material being used to construct the iPhone 8’s chassis. The aluminium frame that we’ve become so accustomed to might be swapped out for forged stainless steel, according to reports. This info comes by way of DigiTimes, which cites Taiwanese sources as...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may launch early in limited numbers

We’ve had a visual leak (apparently) of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 but it seems that we might be seeing the phone itself a whole lot sooner than the expected release date. Confused? Don’t be, Samsung is supposedly doing something a little different this year. A fresh report out of Korea claims that the Galaxy S8 will be getting a limited pre-release before the officially release. Accord...[Read More]

Let’s travel back in time ten years to the original iPhone keynote

2007 was an interesting time. South Africa was yet to embrace the madness that was load shedding, several (for some odd reason, probably money) popular music artists hadn’t appeared on the scene yet, dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Steve Job, who was still around, had yet to utter the words “And one more thing” in relation to a phone. All of that changed on 9 January 2007, when th...[Read More]

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