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The Galaxy Note 7 is coming back. Sort of. Regulator pending

So Samsung is going to be bringing the Galaxy Note 7 back. Not the Note 7 handsets that they haven’t given the once-over yet, those are still in line for digital execution. No, Samsung has to do something with the estimated 4.3 million handsets that were pulled from the market last year. Part of that process will entail breaking down some of the handsets for components and metals, meaning th...[Read More]

6 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 must do to reclaim the smartphone top spot

There’s a new smartphone in town – and it’s called the Galaxy S8. Or, at least, it will be when it launches very, very soon. Chief rival to the iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S-series handsets have long been front-runners in the race for smartphone supremacy, with stacks of power and ahead-of-the-curve features, such as the Edge display. With this latest iteration, though, Samsung will need to pul...[Read More]

Samsung will be remotely killing off the last Galaxy Note 7 phones this month

Samsung is going to be killing off the last remaining Galaxy Note 7 handsets left in the wild and they’re going to be doing it by completely disabling the Note 7’s charging functions. They’ll be doing this by way of a software update, in the same way that the phone’s charging capabilities were limited while last year’s recall was ongoing. At least, that’s the wo...[Read More]

8 new features Android O will bring to your phone

Surprise! Android O is here. Well, sort of: Google has dropped a developer’s preview build of the next-gen mobile OS revision, along with a heap of details on just what it brings to the table. Obviously, we expected an Android O to follow last year’s Nougat, but the sudden launch caught us all off-guard. Right now, Android O really is meant for developers to start learning from and imp...[Read More]

The Android-packing VAIO Phone A looks gorgeous (but you can’t have it)

The VAIO brand, back when Sony was in control of it, was known for attractive design — we still think fondly of those super-thin notebooks (because we don’t remember what it was like to type on the blasted things). It makes sense that the resurrected brand would stick with what made them distinctive. Hence, the awfully handsome VAIO Phone A. The Phone A is actually a reissue of sorts, ...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 leaked in images and video (again)

Samsung just can’t keep a lid on their products, a fact of life that we’re still not certain isn’t intentional. The Galaxy S8, and the expected Galaxy S8+, is supposed to be getting its official reveal at the New York Unpacked event, so it makes sense that we’re now seeing more leaks than ever. Leaks like the fresh batch of images depicting a Verizon Galaxy S8+, both in the...[Read More]

Everything you need to know about Apple’s surprise new devices

Apple generally has huge, Tim Cook-fronted events when it launches new devices but yesterday, when went dark, there was a sense that perhaps something new was being snuck out of Cupertino. Sure enough, when the site reappeared it was adorned with new iPhones, iPads and Watch straps. Yes, we’re talking fairly minor tweaks rather than world-changing new tech, but there are some usefu...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy X – The foldable smartphone that might be appearing at IFA 2017

Flip phones ruled the mobile world until smartphones took over with their touchscreen slabs. However, we might soon be folding our phones in half again – if Samsung has its way. Foldable smartphones are coming, and as with the curved screens of the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung appears to be leading the charge. For a couple years now, the company has been sharing concepts of foldabl...[Read More]

What’s behind phantom cellphone buzzes?

Have you ever experienced a phantom phone call or text? You’re convinced that you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, or that you heard your ring tone. But when you check your phone, no one actually tried to get in touch with you. You then might plausibly wonder: “Is my phone acting up, or is it me?” Well, it’s probably you, and it could be a sign of just how attached you’ve become to your pho...[Read More]

Want to make an iPhone better? Attach the Eye, an Android phone-case… thing

The Apple iPhone is already almost a perfect phone. At this point, you need to add an Android to it or something to improve it. Or at least change it. Funny you should say that… Enter the X1 Eye, a new case for the iPhone that is being funded through crowdfunding portal Kickstarter. The X1 Eye, otherwise known as the Eye, is a case for the iPhone 7 (or 8, if you’re willing to wait) but...[Read More]

Up next for WhatsApp — paid-for business features being tested

WhatsApp, the messaging service that everyone you know uses, was acquired for a very large sum of money (a mere $19 billion or so) by Facebook in 2014. It was about the same time that the company stopped charging an annual usage fee but it looks like the service is looking to make money again. And they’re going to be doing this in new and unconventional ways. WhatsApp is reportedly testing o...[Read More]

7 Chinese smartphones you’ve never heard of – but will definitely want

“Made in China”. Finding that phrase on the back of the box used to be the kiss of death when it came to tech. The bad rap Chinese products get for being imitations, fakes or just sub-par isn’t always warranted, though – and certainly doesn’t apply to the smartphone arena. China has been rapidly taking the phone world by storm, seriously undermining their Western, Korean and Japa...[Read More]

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