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Game of Thrones – TV Show of the Year 2016

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter may have made fantasy acceptable in the mainstream but it was Game of Thrones that made it cool. Six plot-dense seasons (with number seven on the way shortly) have so far charted the rise and fall of claimants to the Iron Throne, never tiring of gleefully flinging your way scenes packed full of blood, politics, swords, sex, and dragons — often at the same t...[Read More]

Everything you need to know about Apple’s surprise new devices

Apple generally has huge, Tim Cook-fronted events when it launches new devices but yesterday, when went dark, there was a sense that perhaps something new was being snuck out of Cupertino. Sure enough, when the site reappeared it was adorned with new iPhones, iPads and Watch straps. Yes, we’re talking fairly minor tweaks rather than world-changing new tech, but there are some usefu...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 hands-on – Android fans have an Apple alternative

Apple fans have it easy. When they want to kick back for a much-needed boxset binge, they just pick up an iPad. It’s a little trickier on the other side of the fence – there’s just not a lot of quality competition out there when it comes to Android tablets. At least, that’s what we thought. Samsung’s been working on a little something to break that rule, and it just unveiled it at Mobile Wor...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Book hands-on

Samsung came oh so close with the TabPro S. It was supposed to be a Surface killer, a Windows 10 tablet that was just as good at desktop duty as it was as a media machine. It mostly succeeded, too – but the price was a little too high, the keyboard wasn’t the best and if you wanted to plug something in… well, you were basically out of luck. Now it’s time for round two, and it comes with the ...[Read More]

Take an early look at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3

It was a slight shock to learn that we were going to be missing out on the Galaxy S8 and getting a tablet instead, likely the Galaxy Tab S3, at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Now that the shock has worn off, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for more on Samsung’s first decent Android tablet release in a while. Right now? We’ve got a pretty good idea what it looks like....[Read More]

Apple to announce iPad refresh, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 variation in March – report

We haven’t seen a proper iPad refresh in a while, with the last announcement taking place in March 2016. Even then, that was the reveal of the 9.7in iPad Pro — worthy of Apple stage time but only just. This year, according to reports, Apple’s going to have something a bit more substantial for us: A whole lot more iPad news, including a refresh of the Mini 4. Rather, we’re g...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Everything we know so far

Tablets might not be as in demand as they used to be, but that’s not going to stop Samsung from giving it the old college try. Android fans have really only had one choice if they wanted something to rival Apple’s iPad – the Galaxy Tab S2. Now that the iPad Pro has arrived, though, Samsung needs a new weapon to stop everyone jumping ship to iOS. Enter the Galaxy Tab S3. It’...[Read More]

These could be the (full) specs for Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S2 tablet

At this point we’re wondering: Is Samsung ever going to keep a new device a secret until launch again? Specs for the company’s Galaxy TabPro S2 have leaked, by way of a document originating from an FCC filing. Someone is always watching these things. In this case website The Leaker (what an apt name, right?) was on hand to catch all of the specs for the TabPro S2, Samsung’s upcom...[Read More]

Instead of the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s bringing a tablet to MWC

Samsung has already confirmed that they’re not bringing the Galaxy S8 to Mobile World Congress (though we suspect it’ll still be seen by a select few). Instead they’re bringing another drawcard, their first tablet in far too long. At least that’s the impression we get from Samsung’s invitation to their MWC press conference. The company traditionally hints at the headl...[Read More]

How should we teach our kids to use digital media?

Any time a new technology is introduced, it disrupts values, routines and behaviors. This goes back well before the printing press replaced oral histories or the telephone replaced face-to-face conversations, but is evident today in our regular habits of checking our smartphones for notifications. Kids are growing up with the expectation of auto-playing streaming videos and having access to our ph...[Read More]

It’s Spring – Have a September Asus ZenPad 8.0 giveaway

It’s been a crazy week. Well, a crazy end-of-week for a whole lot of people. We’re not going to talk about that but if you’ve been paying attention to the website or our Twitter stream, you should know what we’re talking about. So we thought that we should do something a bit more positive for this Friday afternoon – Like another giveaway. So, for the month of Septembe...[Read More]

Apple’s next iPad cover could have its own multifunction touchscreen

Apple releases a lot of gadgets, but those are probably just a fraction of all the fantastic, out-there concepts cooked up in Cupertino over the years. And as a just-granted patent shows, Apple has another surprising idea in the works. You know the iPad Smart Cover? The one that connects to the side and lays flat over the screen, yet quickly contorts to become a stand? Well, it seems like Apple ha...[Read More]

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