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Upgraded Apple Pencil could get an extra Touch (ID) or two

Pencils don’t exactly scream high-tech, but Apple’s iPad-friendly stylus is an exception. It’s a handy add-on for artists looking to add some finesse to their digital doodles, but the sequel could be a whole lot better. The eagle-eyed folks at Apple Insider spotted a recently approved Apple patent for a digital stylus that packs in a lot more tech than the current Pencil. Right n...[Read More]

Acer shows newfound focus, but we won’t see most of the new gear

This time last year Acer unveiled an overwhelming range of products in New York. From laptops, tablets and 2-in-1s to wearables, smartphones, and a full range of gaming gear. The Taiwanese consumer electronics company showed off so many devices — not all of them eventually coming to fruition — it was hard for those in attendance, let alone consumers, to keep track. This year’s a ...[Read More]

Apple is auctioning a custom iPad Pro for London’s Design Museum

Apple has always harped on design as a guiding tenet of its products, from the earliest days of Steve Jobs all the way through today – so it’s no surprise that the company has a soft spot for London’s Design Museum. The museum is about to close down for a few months to facilitate a relocation from South London to a new spot in Kensington, and Jony Ive – Apple’s famed ...[Read More]

Kindle Oasis won’t leave you high and dry, goes months between charges

If the thing you look forward to most on your holidays is reading by the pool, Amazon’s got the eBook reader for you. The Kindle Oasis is a completely new addition to the range, with a new look and a better screen than ever. Why Oasis, though? We’re guessing it’s because if Amazon made it any thinner, it would disappear like a mirage. Seriously, this thing is 30% thinner and 20% lighter than any o...[Read More]

An early reveal – Amazon’s Kindle Oasis has leaked

Is it real or is it fake? That’s the question that we have to ask about this apparent leak of Amazon’s upcoming Kindle update. It seems that a listing for the device, known as the Kindle Oasis, was prematurely published on China’s Tmall before being yanked. There’s always someone on the internet waiting to catalogue mishaps though (take note, kids), and we’ve got all ...[Read More]

5 things we love about the iPad Pro 9.7 – and 3 we hate

Like in any fledgling gadget relationship, we’re developing a real fondness for the iPad Pro 9.7’s endearing charms – and have started noticing the odd grating quirk that we’ll cowardly push to one side before leaving it at the altar in a few years. Here’s the state of the iPad Pro 9.7 ‘marry, avoid’ table we’ve been drawing up in Sketchbook on our way to ...[Read More]

The iPad Pro 9.7in is available today, from R11 900

Trust Core to do this to us on a Friday. Not that we don’t love surprises but… Anyhow, if you’re itching to get your iPad on and your Air 2 is leaking a little, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now pick up an iPad Pro 9.7in in South Africa. The newest in fruit tablets can be ordered online today, directly from the iStore, and the device will be available in retail sto...[Read More]

Xiaomi are crowdfunding a transforming Transformer tablet

In the month of April we’re wary of every little thing that is published, lest it’s an April Fool’s Day joke that has gone astray. This transforming Transformers tablet from none other than Xiaomi certainly looks like one such missing gag. Except that it’s not. Xiaomi, working with Hasbro, have come up with a tablet that turns, in just 30 easy steps, into the Transformer So...[Read More]

The iPad Air is dead? Meet the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

It’s not just the iPhone SE that was unveiled this evening, a little something called the 9.7-inch iPad Pro was also detailed at Apple’s Loop You In event. And, honestly, we’re not that sure what to make of it. That’s because of the iPad Air range, which with the announcement of the smaller iPad Pro, now seems extinct. Instead we have the iPad Pro, which is different from l...[Read More]

Apple announces 21 March event, likely for 4in iPhone and smaller iPad Pro

The months of rumours and reports have all led to this: Apple has officially announced an event for 21 March, exactly as predicted last month. And we suspect much of the other building speculation will pan out, as well. Apple has sent out invitations to the event to media organisations, with an image featuring the phrase, “Let us loop you in.” The company’s taglines sometimes tea...[Read More]

The smaller 9.7in iPad Pro may see a big camera upgrade

According to a report last week from 9to5Mac, the new 9.7in iPad on the horizon is not the iPad Air 3, but rather a smaller version of the iPad Pro – complete with Apple accessory support. But it could be more Pro than the larger Pro in one regard. That very same publication now reports that Apple plans to outfit the smaller iPad Pro with a better back camera than the larger tablet, tossing ...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone SE and 9.7in iPad Pro event now expected on 21 March

Got an itch for a smaller iPhone or a new 9.7in iPad? Both are reportedly coming soon, if the ever-increasing chatter is any indication, although it might be just a bit longer than we previously expected. Reports previously pegged 15 March as the big date for the reveal of both the so-called iPhone SE and the new, smaller iPad Pro (full-sized version shown below), but multiple reports claim that t...[Read More]

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