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  1. really dope i love it and never miss an issue

    so i have R1000 to spend and im 16 and i dont know what to spend it on all i know is i want tech

    could you kindly assist me

  2. Can I get your magazine on my kindle?

  3. Hi,
    Do you accept photos to be featured as a model?

  4. I need to find out about a subscription I signed up for but have no magazine as yet.
    can someone phone me 082 850 8836

    • Hi R Savage.
      Did anyone get hold of you re your magazines?
      I am sitting with the same problem I ordered the Magazines in March for my husband and nothing to date.

  5. I have purchased a year subs last month. The new issue is unavailable. Restoring my purchase does not work. I reinstalled the app, still nothing – even worse, none of my previous issues are available either. On google play the subscription is shown as active. Can someone please contact me to sort this out.

  6. i have a FNB Sim and would like to know if I can still top-up with a prepaid voucher if I don’t have funds in my bank account to to it via cellphone banking?


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