Halo Wars 2 – War is hell – but Halo Wars is still pretty good

No one expected much from Halo Wars eight years ago, but it was actually pretty great. And you can kind of say the same for Halo Wars 2. Expanding the series from the first-person perspective of a single, super-powered soldier to the top-down view of entire battlefields helps to properly showcase an immense scale of warfare, while this long-awaited sequel is further proof that a real-time strategy...[Read More]

Yakuza 0 – Going back to where it all began

SEGA’s Yakuza series of games has been good for a very long time but it’s only with the release of Yakuza 0 that this serious(ish) tale of one man’s involvement with the Yakuza has become properly accessible. The first two games in the series launched on the PlayStation 2, while the third (and the other sequels, including the zombie-themed Of The End) appeared on the PlayStation ...[Read More]

SteelSeries Rival 500 — For when you need to do everything with one hand

Not all mice are created equal. We’re sure that’s true of flesh and blood rodents too but we’re talking here about the SteelSeries Rival 500 — the kind of computer mouse you need if you’re going to be tanking some serious damage on a raid with the rest of your guild. Unless you’re a long-suffering healer, in which case you definitely need all the buttons (and in...[Read More]

Resident Evil 7 – The original survival horror is back, and bloody terrifying

Zombies – they’ve literally been done to death. Hordes of undead shamblers have been chasing our delicious brains so regularly across games, movies and TV shows recently that they barely register so much as a shiver any more. A murderous family of rednecks with a truly twisted idea of hospitality, though? One that makes the house from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like a five star hotel? ...[Read More]

Meizu M3 Note – Looks the part but can the pieces keep up?

Meizu. That’s not a name that we’ve seen often in South Africa in relation to smartphones and based on what we’ve seen from the Meizu M3 Note that’s a shame. This mid-range handset from the Chinese company counts the likes of Xiaomi as its closest competition. It’s certainly got the looks to take the Apple of China on but does it have the stamina? Let’s find out...[Read More]

Aorus X5 v6 – Great gaming but at what price?

Why would you pick up a device like the Aorus X5 v6 over other, similar specced gaming notebooks? That’s a hard question to answer at the best of times but when you’ve got several viable options staring you in the face that choice can get even tougher. When you have to pick between items that are closely related in terms of quality it’s easy to get buyer’s remorse without ever putting down your cr...[Read More]

Mediabox – Gee, we wonder what this box contains…

We’ve seen little media boxes passing through Stuff‘s portals from time to time. They’ve almost always been a hard sell, at least for the team, because we’re a spoiled bunch who should have their toys taken away. But with the rise of streaming video, a media box makes more and more sense. You’ve got several choices when it comes to streaming media. A notebook computer...[Read More]

MSI GE62 7RE Apache Pro – Going big on a budget

The thing about an MSI gaming notebook (they make other types, believe it or not) is that you know what you’re going to be getting out of them. The design may not alter a lot between models or even generations but the insides… oh, the insides are what count and MSI’s kit rarely fails to deliver. Take the MSI GE62, for example. The version we had to play with was the 7RE variant, ...[Read More]

SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical Keyboard – Looking forward to feeling blue

There are computer keyboards and then there are computer keyboards on the market and SteelSeries makes some of the very best peripherals you can put underneath your fingers. The Apex M500 mechanical keyboard is one of the contenders put forth by the gaming company but the slick hardware isn’t for everyone. The Apex M500 is a more affordable mechanical keyboard (that’s right, the R2,000...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV – Road to victory, or driven to distraction?

Ten years in the making, the fifteenth (but not really) Final Fantasy is one of the strangest games we’ve played for a while – but that’s no bad thing. When you sit back and think about Final Fantasy XV, a mixture of emotions wash over you. As a fan, there’s relief that it actually exists and you can play it. But how it got made at all, and how it ended up in the state it shipped in, is fasc...[Read More]

Dishonored 2 – Fill that Assassin’s Creed void with a superior stealth game

In a month infested with talk of foreign politics, Dishonored 2 takes you away from reality and immerses you with, umm… more politics. But rather than restricting you to punching out celebrations or protests on Twitter, Arkane Studios’ latest lets you make a real difference to the political landscape – without having to attend meetings or outline economic strategies. You take the role of an ...[Read More]

Huawei Mate 9 – The bigger the better?

For a while, phones with ultra-giant screens were about as fashionable as stonewashed flares. Now, though, Huawei seems to think they’re the next skinny jeans. Or leatherette leggings. Or whatever they say is fashionable these days. The Mate 9 is a flat-out huge phone, with a 5.9in screen. Don’t start unpicking the seams in your pockets just yet, though. Thanks to a smart design it’s only 1mm wide...[Read More]

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