Is your smartphone making you shy?

During the three years I’ve spent researching and writing about shyness, one of the most common questions people ask is about the relationship between being shy and technology. Are the internet and the cellphone causing our social skills to atrophy? I often hear this from parents of shy teenagers, who are worried that their children are spending more time with their devices than with their peers. ...[Read More]

Vertu’s next massively-expensive star is a shiny new Constellation

Which smartphone do you buy when you have all the money in the world? You could buy an iPhone and gold-plate it or get the new Vertu Constellation, which isn’t made out of gold. It’ll likely cost about the same as a gilded smartphone, though. But if you have all the money in the world, who cares? Vertu is known for making bonkers-expensive smartphones that routinely come in at around o...[Read More]

Meizu M3 Note – Looks the part but can the pieces keep up?

Meizu. That’s not a name that we’ve seen often in South Africa in relation to smartphones and based on what we’ve seen from the Meizu M3 Note that’s a shame. This mid-range handset from the Chinese company counts the likes of Xiaomi as its closest competition. It’s certainly got the looks to take the Apple of China on but does it have the stamina? Let’s find out...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Max – Not all good things come in small packages

TV junkies and mobile gamers can appreciate the appeal of a massive phone. A big screen is ideal for catching up on shows when there’s not a bigger screen around – either because you can’t be bothered to haul yourself up off the couch to find the remote, or you’re outside and on the move. That’s where the Mi Max comes in. Hot on the heels of Asus’ cinematically-...[Read More]

Toyota’s Smart Key Box will turn your smartphone into a car key

Gaining access to your car can be a chore. Find keys, fumble with keys, drop keys, realise you’re going to have to put things down to open the door… Toyota’s Smart Key Box is hoping to change all that. Even though that’s not its actual intention. The Smart Key Box is a little Toyota addition that adds a very special Bluetooth function to vehicles that it is installed in. Th...[Read More]

Do you buy a smartphone for its curves? Do you buy a car for its cup holders?

On Oct. 7, Samsung found itself facing an unpleasant result in one of the many patent lawsuits it’s a part of: A federal appellate court reinstated a jury verdict of US$119 million against Samsung in favor of Apple. In that case, Samsung was found to have infringed three Apple utility patents on how smartphones function. The first related to a smartphone’s ability to create links automatically to ...[Read More]

And the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is toast. Er… so to speak

That’s it. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is gone. It’s a shame, too, as we were quite fond of the non-exploding version of the company’s stylus-toting flagship. But Samsung has pulled the plug on its Galaxy Note 7, so those of you with 11 November marked should replace it with something else. We’re not sure what, exactly, but you’ll find something. Samsung, in a very ...[Read More]

Xiaomi’s not done – here is the Xiaomi Mi 5s in all its brightly-lit glory

We really can’t conceal the fact that we’re oddly fond of Xiaomi’s smartphones — and most of their other products, come to that. The newly-revealed Xiaomi Mi 5s is just another addition to the list of ‘Xiaomi kit that we like’, by the look of things. And the Mi 5s isn’t alone. The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus has also been announced. Gee, we wonder where we’ve ...[Read More]

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Superb camera skills and better battery make this the iPhone to get

Fact: things are better when they come in pairs. The cops would have a hard time arresting anyone with a single handcuff. Good luck knitting that ugly Christmas sweater with only one needle. And as if a solitary KitKat finger could ever last your entire coffee break. The particular pair we’re interested in, though? The two cameras pointing out the back of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. What used to just...[Read More]

A connected hearing aid that talks to your smartphone? This is the Opn

Usually when we’re talking about technology at Stuff it’s highly consumer oriented. Normally that makes sense, as most of the noticeable innovation is taking place in the mass market — gotta get everyone’s attention with the big annual presentation, after all. But we don’t often think that more practical devices, like hearing aids, could be catching up. Well, they are...[Read More]

Take a look at the well-specced Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi has been busy. Whether they’re making their first notebook or an electric bicycle, the Chinese company is making inroads into all sorts of tech spheres. But it’s in the smartphone world that they’re most prominent and the announcement of the Redmi Note 4 just increases their profile. The new handset, the Chinese version of which was announced last week, is hanging on to th...[Read More]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 – Making another Note

What looks like an HTC, carries Note branding, and has a set of specifications that you wouldn’t kick out of bed? So to speak, that is? That’d be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, the sequel to the excellent (and very cheap) Redmi Note 2 that we were so taken with earlier this year. The Redmi Note 3 has changed compared to its immediate predecessor. Sure it’s a little more expensive but X...[Read More]

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