5 reasons to be excited about Gran Turismo Sport

Since its inception, Gran Turismo has been the racing game to beat. Or should that be ‘racing simulation’? See, while other titles might have offered more action, better damage and greater excitement, none could beat GT to the line when it came to true-to-life racing recreation. News in 2015, then, that Gran Turismo would be returning as Gran Turismo Sport was, perhaps predictably, met with great ...[Read More]

How to expand your PS4 storage space with an external hard drive

PlayStation 4 software update 4.5 is here and – rejoice! – it’s delivered external hard drive support. You’re now able to connect a USB 3.0-enabled external drive to your brilliant black box and it’ll increase your overall gaming capacity by anything between 250GB and 8TB, depending on the size of drive you go get. Is it that simple, though? See, there’s more th...[Read More]

5 new things your PS4 can now do

Short of a whole new box, it’s software updates that keep console owners happy, delivering new tricks and better experiences in the same all-black package. Good news, then: Sony has announced that the 4.5 system update for PlayStation 4 – which has spent the last month or so in beta – will roll out on 9 March. That’s… why, that’s today. What’s in store, th...[Read More]

Sony’s charming little Xperia Agent robot will manage your home

OK, OK, you caught us – the Xperia Agent isn’t new, having first been spotted on trade show floors at MWC 2016. But this year, we’re getting a taste of its expanded repertoire of tricks. It’s still got an adorable “head” with two blinky eyes, which sits on top of a body made up mostly of screen, showing more info about the robot’s task at hand. We got a bit of a puppy vibe ...[Read More]

Sony XZ Premium hands-on – Who needs a TV for 4K HDR video?

You’ve got to hand it to Sony – there’s no other phone maker out there that can keep up with its constant flow of flagship smartphones. The Xperia XZ only rocked up in September, but a successor is already hot on its heels. Only it’s not quite that simple. Think of the XZ Premium as a high-tech half brother, upping the ante on specs (and probably on price, too) but otherwise sticking with So...[Read More]

Is Sony’s 4K HDR phone a stroke of genius or a sign of madness?

Smartphones should push the boundaries of technology – of that there’s no doubt. But should they do it just for the sake of doing it? As in, should Sony really stick 4K HDR in a phone just because it can – even though no-one will buy the Xperia XZ Premium? Sure, 4K HDR will likely look astounding on a 5.5in LCD – the kind of nice that’ll have friends reaching out to touch your ph...[Read More]

Your next smartphone will shoot 1000fps ultra slow-mo videos

Get ready for some Matrix-style slow motion – without the crazy expensive camera hardware. Sony has pulled back the curtain on a new smartphone sensor, one that’ll shoot Full HD 1080p video at a frankly ridiculous 1000fps. That’s about eight times faster than the rest of the smartphone world, according to Sony. The new sensor should be pretty handy when it comes to still photos, ...[Read More]

Sony launches Xperia Ear in-ear assistant (and Bluetooth earpiece)

When we think of wearable tech we’re usually looking down at our wrists. Sony’s newly-launched-in-South-Africa Xperia Ear wants to have you thinking of your ears instead. It also wants to make you think of different ways to interact with your phone. The Xperia Ear looks enough like an old-fashioned Bluetooth headset to make us wary about wearing one but the lightweight little unit cont...[Read More]

MWC 2017: what we’re most excited to see

MWC is all about slabs with screens. No, not smart mirrors – but rather smartphones and tablets. Lots and lots of smartphones and tablets, from nearly all of the big manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and LG. And, while that might sound a bit predictable, it rarely fails to serve up some titillating tech to get us talking. So, with little more than a month to go until the tech circus desc...[Read More]

Dust off your wallet this December, the PlayStation 4 is also on special this holiday season

Right now, you’ve got a choice. You can choose to take advantage of one South African PlayStation 4 special or you can wait a little longer and take advantage of a different PlayStation 4 special. It all depends on how close to Christmas you want to go shopping. Seriously though, Sony has announced two specials for December 2017. Shoppers can, between 9 to 14 December, get their hands on a S...[Read More]

For today’s Final Fantasy XV launch day, here’s a Sony Walkman you can’t have

Final Fantasy XV has been a long time in coming, with more than a decade having passed since it was first announced. Strangely, it was never saddled with the vapourware title that Duke Nukem Forever and The Last Guardian (which finally launches this December) got for similar development cycles. But now that the newest Final Fantasy is here, Sony are doing the celebration thing with some branded ki...[Read More]

PlayStation VR priced for South Africa, will land end January 2017

Sony’s PlayStation VR is, for a lot of gamers, currently the best shot at experiencing virtual reality in the average home we’re going to see without having to buy a massively expensive computer first. And now we know when that shot is going to take place, as well as what it’ll cost. Ster Kinekor, Sony’s rep here in South Africa, has confirmed that the PlayStation VR will b...[Read More]

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