Your next smartphone will shoot 1000fps ultra slow-mo videos

Get ready for some Matrix-style slow motion – without the crazy expensive camera hardware. Sony has pulled back the curtain on a new smartphone sensor, one that’ll shoot Full HD 1080p video at a frankly ridiculous 1000fps. That’s about eight times faster than the rest of the smartphone world, according to Sony. The new sensor should be pretty handy when it comes to still photos, ...[Read More]

Sony launches Xperia Ear in-ear assistant (and Bluetooth earpiece)

When we think of wearable tech we’re usually looking down at our wrists. Sony’s newly-launched-in-South-Africa Xperia Ear wants to have you thinking of your ears instead. It also wants to make you think of different ways to interact with your phone. The Xperia Ear looks enough like an old-fashioned Bluetooth headset to make us wary about wearing one but the lightweight little unit cont...[Read More]

MWC 2017: what we’re most excited to see

MWC is all about slabs with screens. No, not smart mirrors – but rather smartphones and tablets. Lots and lots of smartphones and tablets, from nearly all of the big manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and LG. And, while that might sound a bit predictable, it rarely fails to serve up some titillating tech to get us talking. So, with little more than a month to go until the tech circus desc...[Read More]

Dust off your wallet this December, the PlayStation 4 is also on special this holiday season

Right now, you’ve got a choice. You can choose to take advantage of one South African PlayStation 4 special or you can wait a little longer and take advantage of a different PlayStation 4 special. It all depends on how close to Christmas you want to go shopping. Seriously though, Sony has announced two specials for December 2017. Shoppers can, between 9 to 14 December, get their hands on a S...[Read More]

For today’s Final Fantasy XV launch day, here’s a Sony Walkman you can’t have

Final Fantasy XV has been a long time in coming, with more than a decade having passed since it was first announced. Strangely, it was never saddled with the vapourware title that Duke Nukem Forever and The Last Guardian (which finally launches this December) got for similar development cycles. But now that the newest Final Fantasy is here, Sony are doing the celebration thing with some branded ki...[Read More]

PlayStation VR priced for South Africa, will land end January 2017

Sony’s PlayStation VR is, for a lot of gamers, currently the best shot at experiencing virtual reality in the average home we’re going to see without having to buy a massively expensive computer first. And now we know when that shot is going to take place, as well as what it’ll cost. Ster Kinekor, Sony’s rep here in South Africa, has confirmed that the PlayStation VR will b...[Read More]

Sony PlayStation now has its own… colouring book?

Okay Sony, now we’ve seen everything. Sony has, for some reason, jumped on the colouring book bandwagon and they’re using their PlayStation intellectual properties to do it. Yes, really. We’re not really sure where the intersection between PlayStation console gamers and those who indulge in adult colouring books (Yes, that’s a thing. Don’t judge.) happens but Sony obv...[Read More]

Get a closer look at the contents of the PlayStation VR package

13 October is the international date set for the launch of the PlayStation VR headset and it’s a launch that we’ve been looking forward to. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are fine pieces of tech but the PlayStation VR stands the greatest chance of mass adoption — the only requirement is a PlayStation 4 console, PS Move controllers, and a PlayStation Eye camera rather than a high-en...[Read More]

The PS4’s HDR update is available today

Sony has just released the latest system software update for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) – and among the new features it’s ushering in is proper High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. HDR is a display technology that greatly boosts the range of bright and dark tones visible in a picture, which effectively expands the colour range to deliver images that are closer to those we see in real life. You’ll need a...[Read More]

8 things you need to know about the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Finally! After months of rumours and an official confirmation before E3, Sony has revealed its next big game console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s not the PlayStation 5, but it will handily beat the box you’ve already got in your entertainment centre, packing a heap more processing power inside its redesigned shell. No doubt, it’s a much bigger upgrade than the Xbox One S is over ...[Read More]

Catch Sony’s PlayStation Meeting right here at 9PM

There are two kinds of people in this world — those who would rather watch Apple’s press event this evening and those who would prefer to partake in some PlayStation Meeting fare. You know, where Sony’s going to be taking the wraps off the PlayStation Neo, will probably announce the much-leaked PS4 Slim, and a few other things. Unlike Apple’s highly-specific set of requirem...[Read More]

What to expect from this week’s PlayStation Neo event

In a day or so, we’ll have our first official glimpse at the newest PlayStation. And heads-up, Sony fans: it sounds like a pretty serious upgrade. While perhaps not ready to pump out AAA games at 4K resolution, months of rumours and reports suggest that the so-called PlayStation 4 Neo (or PlayStation 4K) will still boost the resolution, clarity, and consistency of PS4 games, allow for 4K vid...[Read More]

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