DJI Spark — Didn’t think you wanted a drone? You do now…

For most of us, drones are still a bit like camcorders were in the ’80s – great gadgets to have around, as long as someone else is responsible for them. They’re just a bit, well, needy. First, there’s the cost. Then carrying the thing around. Followed by finding somewhere to fly it. Then, most likely, a humiliating tree-based incident. But the Spark is different. DJI’s previous m...[Read More]

6 things we love about the OnePlus 5… and 5 things we don’t

Would you look at that – OnePlus has done it again, introducing the world to another fantastic phone that somehow manages to beat the big-brand competition on specs, but still cost a whole lot less. The OnePlus 5 is an excellent bit of kit, which improves on last year’s OnePlus 3 in so many ways. But while there’s lots to love here, there are a few things that aren’t so ros...[Read More]

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) — Tablets just don’t get better than this

The iPad Pro 10.5 is absurdly powerful. Almost to irresponsible levels. If Tony Stark built tablets instead of mechanised suits of armour, we think he’d struggle to come up with something better. This is an iPad that’s truly deserving of that “Pro” moniker. It has a fantastic screen, a battery that will genuinely last you all day, and CPU grunt that’ll outpace a laptop. It is, hands down, the best...[Read More]

The LG G6+ is the flagship the company should have released first

If you haven’t made your mind up in the 2017 smartphone awards just yet then you may want to hold your horses. The newly-announced LG G6+ is on its way and it’s set to be the phone that LG should have released the first time around. The LG G6+ is (obviously) an upgrade on the G6. The specs aren’t in for a major bump in terms of processor and RAM — those aren’t going t...[Read More]

Nikon D500 — This speedy APS-C classic loves to be where the action is

These days, cameras like the Nikon D500 can seem a bit old-school – and not in the timeless, rangefinder sense either. After all, between mirrorless wonders like the Fujifilm X-T20 and full-frame monsters like Sony’s (unobtainable) A7R II, is there any room in your life for a R32,500 DSLR (body only) with an APS-C sensor? The answer, at least for anyone looking for a speedy, step-up DS...[Read More]

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 hands-on — Enough to make you leave your laptop behind?

Apple has been trying to convince people for years that you could swap your laptop for an iPad. In fact, it’s been trying to convince people since the first model launched in 2010. For most people (read: people who need actual keyboards), it’s so far proven a step too far. Many, many people use iPads, but most still want a laptop too. The latest iPads could perhaps change that. The new...[Read More]

6 things you need to know about the new 10.5in iPad Pro

Rumours of a 10-inch iPad Pro have been swirling around for months now, and at WWDC 2017 they materialised in the form of the 10.5in iPad Pro. Yes, only just over a year after Apple launched the 9.7in iPad Pro, they’ve killed it off in favour of a slightly bigger 10.5in model. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s latest tablet. 1) IT’S A LEAN, MEAN SCREEN-Y MACHINE The new iPad P...[Read More]

Canon EOS 800D – Does the well-specced 800D redefine the entry level?

An entry-level DSLR used to be a bare-bones device that swapped features and quality for a dirt-cheap price. But one look at the Canon EOS 800D tells you that’s no longer the case. This camera, which sits on the second-bottom rung of Canon’s DSLR ladder above the 1300D, has a new 24.2 megapixel sensor, Canon’s latest DIGIC 7 processor and plenty of bells and whistles. What it doe...[Read More]

What you need to know about the Skyworth Android TV

With blockbuster movies, live sports, streaming apps and multiplayer games, the Skyworth Android TV delivers a world of content, apps and games to your living room. When Google shut down Google TV a few years ago, it replaced the platform with something completely different: Android TV! It is doing well, having been well-received by both developers and manufacturers alike. Google TV had a lack of ...[Read More]

Tremble before the might of the Intel Core i9 X Series

It’s not often that we geek out over individual computer components. Okay, maybe a little, at home, when no-one is looking. But the Core i9 X Series, a new slice of silicon from Intel that was announced at this year’s Computex, is worth a public squeal of delight (or two). That’s because the Core i9 X Series is going to put the Core i7 range to shame, especially if flagship flagc...[Read More]

6 things you need to know about the Essential Phone

It’s not often a brand new player enters the smartphone scene. With a handful of well-established names dominating sales, it can be a tough market to break into – but Essential Products is looking to do just that with the Essential Phone. More than a mere startup, Essential is headed by Android creator Andy Rubin – a man who presumably knows what goes into making a great smartphone. The result is ...[Read More]

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 — The priciest Android Wear watch around is also one of the best…

Gadgets rarely age well. Or, to be more precise, they have to get really wrinkly before wrinkles circle back into fashion again. Just look at the Nokia 3310. The Tag Heuer Connected 45’s gamble is that an Android Wear watch made with no-holds-barred tech and design won’t look too bad in five years. Because who aside from an oil baron is going to spend over twenty grand on a smartwatch like this if...[Read More]

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